1969 Dodge Charger R/T General Lee California Car Mopar B Body Dukes of Hazzard

Price: - Item location: Forestville, New York, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Dodge
  • Model: Charger
  • SubModel: R/T
  • Type: Coupe
  • Trim: Chrome
  • Year: 1969
  • Mileage: 5,600
  • Color: Orange
  • Engine size: 383HP
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Saddle
  • Options: Leather Seats
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1969 Dodge Charger R/T

In this auction is a real 1969 Dodge Charger R/T which came from Sacramento, alifornia in 2001. It was equipped with Power front and rear brake drums, ower steering, -8 Engine and automatic Transmission. The suspension is a heavy duty with 5 leaves on one side and 6 leaves of the other making this car a true R/T car. This typical model wasn't equipped with A/C.
Engine: The engine in this car now is a 1969 V-8 383HP, ully Disassembled, hecked professionally, ot tanked clean, ashed then bored .030 for more power. This engine was rebuilt with all new components with pistons, iston rings, il pump, rankshaft bearings, amshaft with new camshaft bearings, ew timing gear and chain assembly, ater pump, ll new gaskets, alve seals, arden valve seats, omplete new valve job on the 906HP Cylinder heads, ew Electronic distributor which replaces the point distributor, ew Electronic Ignition Control Module, oltage regulator. New edel brock Carb 600 cfm. New 60 amp double pulley Alternator and starter. New Engine wiring harness.
Also see new parts list below.
Por-20 Engine Paint: New engine paint was sprayed one the engine once complete assembled as seen in the pictures on display, sing POR-20 High Heat Orange Engine Paint. The drive train has approx 5500 miles on it since installed into this muscle car in 2011.
Transmission: The transmission is an Automatic 727. The transmission was cleaned, hecked, hen rebuilt. The transmission was painted in a silver transmission color paint to give the car a professional appearance. The transmission and the engine were rebuilt at the same then installed in 2011. Mileage to this moment is 5,600 on a rebuilt drive train. whichhas the same mileage.
Exhaust System: HP =High performance, P exhaust manifolds have been soda blasted cleaned, ainted Por-20 high heat exhaust paint. The exhaust system has an original H-Pipe with dual exhaust with new premium mufflers. I have a pair of NOS Exhaust tail pipes that will go with the auction.
Inside the car: The interior was removed, eats, ash, olumn, arpet, eadliner. The floor boards were sand blasted clean. Por-15 products were used to seal the bare metal. Mermaric acid cleans, eals and bonds the por-15 non porous paint to the steel. There is 3 coats of semi gloss black paint on the floors, rom the cowl to underneath the rear seat area. Also inside the front and rear quarters.
Interior: The interior is all brand new, rofessionally installed. The color is Saddle which adds a rich color to the car. New leather seat covers from Legendary, long with the carpet and headliner. Door panels are also new. The entire interior has no rips. The front seats are original 69 buckets but the head rests were deleted, ut the seat was not altered underneath the seat material as the holes for the head rest are still there.No cracks in the dash, luster works except the clock. This is a non Air car. Summary the interior is Mint! Exterior: The paint has been chemically stripped to bare metal. The materials used on this car's body is made from Dupont, he best material on the market for base coat clear coat stage for restoring classic cars. Since the body was in bare metal stage, n epoxy primer was used to seal the body, here were 4 coats applied. Then we used a vera-primer which is a highly buildable primer to make the car flat and straight with crisp body lines from front to rear. All the body lines do match. In between coats of vera prime the car was hand blocked sanded, leaned then 2 more stages of layers were sprayed with the sanding between each stage. The car was carefully checked by using a ghost primer to sheck if all areas were sanded, hen we cleaned the primer, tarted with the paint stage.
Paint Stage: Once the car was painted using base coat clear coat, he car was put into a dry heat building to cure the paint to wet sand the clear coat for a professional appearance. After 2 months, he stages of wet sand are as follows: Wet sand paper stages, 000, 200, 500 and 2000 grit. now between each stage the car was washed thoroughly so the different stage of sand wasn't carried to the next level. After the the car was complete by the wet sand stage, hen we used a 3M Buffing compound to buff the clear to a high shine. The car was washed again to clean the surface. The car didn't have the shine I was looking for so I went one more step to make this R/T appearance shine above and beyond all others classic on the web and locally. I went to the next level where most body shops won't, sing a 3M polishing liquid to polish the clear coat. The car now has a High gloss Mirror Finish as it should. You can see the trees and other images in the finish. The car finish is AMAZING!
Suspension: The front end has all been rebuilt with PST Suspension parts. Ball joints upper and lower, ew Bushings pressed in for the lower control arms, ew inner and outer tie rods, it man Arm, teering box arm, ew upper control arm bushings were pressed in.Car was a front Large Drum car, hich I still have the R/T drums which will be included. Now the car is equipped with front disc brake car with all new parts such as Power Booster, aster Cylinder, ew calipers, ew Brake Pads, ew Brake hoses in the front and the rear. New Proportion Valve with new steel brake lines. Rear brake shoes as well were replaced with new equipment parts from Napa Auto Parts. All brakes work as they should. Drums are nice shape. New Wheel cylinders on both sides in the rear. Emergency brake works great. New Parts: Gas Tank, ending unit and tank straps, lternator, core champion radiator for better cooling, new fan blade. New 3/8 Gas lines from front to back, ew Electronic Ignition professionally installed with new Distributor, ap, otor, Wires, CM, ew ballast, ew wiring conversion kit, lectronic regulator. New 600 CFM EdelBrock 4 bbl Carb, ew fuel filters, ew spark plugs, opar Air Cleaner and Mopar Valve covers, ew Fan belts, ew fluids after flushing. New pressure power steering hose, attery and new battery tray. New BF GoodRich 15 inch tires in a 70 series.. The exhaust has a factory H-Pipe installed with premium Mufflers.
Undercarriage & Frame: The undercarriage, loor boards, rame and inside the trunk have been sand blasted. Por-15 Mermaric Acid was used to clean, eal and paint the surface with a non porous paint. This means the weather elements can't penetrate into the steel causing rust. I used 3 coats of flat black, hen 3 coats of semi gloss to give the undercarriage that professional appearance. The undercarriage is mint! This is a rust free California car.
Body Color Paint. The color of this car is 1969 Hemi Orange with a slight metallic effect which is in the paint. The paint material is all Dupont. I use Meguiars Car Wash, o waxing needed. Washed by hand, hen towel dried. This paint has a mirror finish as you can see in the pictures.
This Car has been fullyprofessionally restored. As a solid Rust free car you will not find a better car as we all know most of these Chargers were destroyed from the Dukes of Hazzard, sing appox. 323 Cars of 1968-70 Dodge Chargers. The undercarriage is beautiful, int condition. Never seen Snow, tored in a locked and guarded facility. Absolutely Beautiful Beyond most other Dodge Chargers that I have seen for sale. Muscle cars like this one don't come along often here. Rebuilding and restoring a General Lee isn't just a paint job, t's going through the entire car to make the car dependable to drive. Present Appearance:The theme of this Dodge Charger R/T has the Appearance of a General Lee replica. All new General Lee Decals which came from the Series with medium Blue for the Flag and lettering. The zero ones are from the same kit as well. Of course is has the loudest Dixie horn available from Italy. The Car even has the Correct Large General Lee Style Push Bar which was professionally designed from a water Plasma Cutter, eaving the edges of the steel smooth. This Push bar has been powder Coated Semi Gloss Black. The Wheels are 15x7 in the front and 15x8-1/2 in the rear. The tires are still in good shape, he wheels are the correct appearance for the General Lee theme. Also included are 4 original American Racing Center caps which are on the car. I have a New set of American Racing Center caps that will be included. These wheels have been powder coated flat black and the edges were polished. There is no Roll bar as the interior costed over $1200. This car has been signed by the characters of the Dukes of Hazzard as well as follows: Enos- Sonny Shroyer, aisy Duke-Catherine Bach, ooter-Ben Jones. Yes even Bo Duke John Schneider. Thisappearance of thisGeneral Leeis above and beyond all close up cars seen on the Dukes of Hazzard. Built Right here in Western New York years ago. This car is near mint. Turn key and drive like the Duke Boys.NoBo didn't drive this one as it's way too nice! Just to clarify this car has never been used on the Dukes of Hazzard. This is not a Real General Lee produced by Warner Brothers Production. This is a General Lee Replica that I designed to the specs of a Car used on the Series. This is a real R/T according to the Vin code. Clear registration in hand. If you have any questions, even one six, our one zero, ero five nine zero please contact me before bidding. I will provide pictures to the new owner for proof of the restoration as I took pictures to prove this car has been restored. Yes the Flag on the top of the roof is still on the car.
Society assumes negatively thoughts on what my General Lee stands for here in Western New York. This car has been in 2 local papers for appearing for Charity such as Breast Cancer, Mercy Flight (Saving lives by helicopters) Children's Hospital. Donations for M.S. & Cancer and also Meals of Wheels for disable and senior citizens of all races. Movie Star cars raise money throughout the United States to help people no matter who they are or their race. Without dreams, ope and faith of these Movie Car replicas, eople would lose the childhood memories of the good shows they watched with their families in the past. Seeing a Movie Car Legend coming down the streets anywhere in the world, rings excitement to everyone that really knows what this car stands for as taken care of Business, elping others in the time of need, hy would we as builders or owners want to stop helping with these charities? I know I will never stop, egardless of what society assumes without the facts. People in History fought for the Confederate flag to end Slavery, ets not forget the people that gave their lives for such a great cause. Furthermore, his flag stands for Charity to all. Now on with the auction.
Payment: A Payment of $500.00 must be paid immediately at the end of the auction which is non refundable. The balance must be paid in cash before the car will be transported. No Checks of any kind! The buyer must contact me at the end of the auction. For picking up the car you must come in person to pay so I know you are real. The buyer is responsible for shipping. The car has no warranties, old as is where is, s this car is 46 years old. I reserve the right to end the auction as the car is locally advertised.
No Brokers had my fill of being misled. The car will sell itself.
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Also I have building cars for 30 years, do know what a R/T is worth, s I have had alot of brokers so far which just waste my time! I don't need help selling this car, his car will sell itself. I just seen here on ebay last week a 1968 that was turned into a 1969 General Lee which was a 318 car sold for $60k to Germany. but it wasn't as nice by far as this 1969 Dodge Charger R/T.