Dodge M37B1 M37 M-37 Isuzu 4BD1T Diesel

Price: US $12,000.00 Item location: Denver, Colorado, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Dodge
  • Model: Other
  • Year: 1951
  • Mileage: 100
  • Color: Yellow
  • Engine size: 4BD1T
  • Number of cylinders: 4
  • Transmission: Spicer 3053A
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1951 Dodge Other

I really regret having to put this up for auction, ut lack the time and space necessary to complete this project force me to. For auction is a used M37B1 in great condition. This truck starts, uns, rives, nd stops (yes the original brakes work). And it's fun! The truck is registered as a 1951 model, owever, he serial numbers place it about 1961 and it has a clear SD title. This M37 was purchased from GSA and as can be seen in the photos was used by the Hulett, Y FD. There is no rust through that I can find anywhere on the truck. Some slight rust may be present on the bottom of the inner windshield channels. I've tried to capture the minimal body damage present in the photos. The door check arms have long ago broken off and so there are some slight dents from where the doors contacted the fenders and gas tank holder. There is a notch cut out of the passenger side inner fender well and a dent in the passenger side outer fender well. The tailgate is in typical shape for one of these trucks but is complete. All wheels were disassembled, lasted, nd repainted. New Power King Super Traction 9.00-16LT tires were mounted with new tubes and flaps. A new canvas top and seat covers have been installed. The seats were rebuilt with new boards, leaned springs, nd padding. While off the truck I had the front grills and headlight housings repainted two stage gloss black.
Now for the awesome. Please note, hat wherever possible all modifications incorporated in this truck were done with the sole purpose of modifying the original frame/body in the least amount possible.
I've installed a new drivetrain comprised of an Isuzu 4BD1T 4L diesel mated to a Spicer 3053A transmission using a Phoenix adapters SAE3 ring and Isuzu Industrial SAE3 flywheel housing. The correct conversion yoke has been installed on the Spicer output. A heavier 6BD1 flywheel has been installed for smoother operation. The 4BD1T has been completely rebuilt using Clevite/Mahle liner kits, earings, nd new gaskets. I just started it for the pictures this last Saturday after sitting for six months. Three cranks and it fired right up. While apart, he engine internals were balanced. Injectors were rebuilt by Rapid Diesel of Rapid City, D. A Holset HE221W turbo has been installed providing boost just off idle. Suitable air filtration is provided by a Donaldson air cleaner. In addition coolant filtration has been added along with an extra oil port for installing a centrifugal bypass oil filter should the new owner choose. The oil pan was modified to clear the third member on the front axle.
All new silicone and stainless hoses/lines have been used wherever possible. The original fuel tank has been boiled out and lined. The original fuel pickup plate has been converted for use with new stainless fuel lines and tank mounted pre-filter. A new 2.5" exhaust system has been installed. The radiator has been completely flushed, ressure checked, nd the lower neck modified to fit in the truck.
The Isuzu 4BD1T engine is in my opinion far superior to the commonly used 4BT in that it incorporates factory sound dampening, built in vacuum pump, nd built in power steering pump. The Bosch A type pump is adjustable for power using one external screw. Supposedly capable of up to 200 Hp up from the stock 125 Hp with no other mods. There is no machining required on the Isuzu engine for rebuilds thanks to the incorporation of dry liners. An Ugly Trucking power steering setup has also been installed on the truck. A huge improvement over the original (awful) manual Gemmer steering box.
The original NP200 transfer case has been completely rebuilt using all new bearings, olyamide high temp seals, nd built to the proper bearing preloads. It is set up with the correct center yoke and ready to be converted to center output for use with a WC rear axle housing. Included is a WC rear axle housing and NOS axle shafts. This conversion is absolutely necessary for use with the NP200 to avoid overheating the transfer case at high speeds. The leaf spring pads will need to be cut and re-welded about 1" inwards.
The electrical system has been completely converted to 12V using two parallel Group 24 batteries under the passenger seat. A completely new wiring harness using correct automotive grade GXL wire, rimp/seal, rimp/solder, use panel, ircuit breaker, nd Weatherpack connectors has been built. All high current cables have been constructed from welding cable, rimp on lugs, nd heat shrink/seal tubing. A new Trombetta 12VDC fuel solenoid is installed but not connected right now. New SW accessory gauges, intage speedometer, intage mechanical tachometer, nd vintage ISSPRO turbocator have been installed. Original rear military taillight housings were used with full color lenses and a Signal Stat is installed but not connected. H4 headlights have been installed.
What does the truck need were I to keep it? Ultimately, o be disassembled, lasted, nd repainted (I was going to go with a midnight blue). The mechanical tachometer drive needs a ratio adapter. The exhaust down-pipe really needs a flex welded in. I believe the Spicer transmission has some bad bearings somewhere in it. A perfect opportunity to install a Waterloo Specialties .69:1 OD kit while rebuilding the Spicer. The transmission cover will need some creative metalwork to go over the new transmission. And for the real pricey part. If the truck is to be run on the road it will need both axles rebuilt with 4.88:1 gearing available from Vintage Power Wagons. The stock 5.83:1 gearing is fun, f you're climbing 45 degree inclines or pulling freight trains. But the top speed right now is realistically 45 MPH. Any faster and the oil will come out of the transfer case. Included with the truck are some various extras including the aforementioned NOS axle shafts, C axle housing, spare A type fuel injection pump, nd a vintage Harrison heater. I've also got a clean wiring diagram to go with the truck too so there's no confusion. I've put maybe, aybe 100 miles on it since I got the truck in driving condition. I think it had about 23000 on it when I bought it from GSA. If you're looking for an awesome summer project, his is it.
Boring disclaimer section. Payment will need to be either a cashiers' check or cash in person. Shipping will be the responsibility of the buyer. I can help load the truck but that's about it. I would prefer to meet the buyer in person, o we can yack for an hour or more to discuss any extra details of the truck and answer any questions you might have. Feel free to ask any questions. I'll answer them to the best of my ability. I'm sure I've forgotten something.
No trades, o Nigerian princes, o sob stories about how how you drove one in Vietnam and if only I'd give this to you for a pittance out of the kindness of my heart so you can feel like you're killing Commies at Tet again. Thanks for bidding.