Ship us your Delorean we'll send you back aTime Machine

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Back To The Future Delorean Time Machine Full Conversion Services - bttf

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Send us a Delorean and we'll transform it into theTime Machine you always dreamed of having.

If you do not own a Delorean, we are happy to find one for you at no extra charge or markup.

You are purchasing a 2015 Fusion Industries Series Time Machine conversion service to be performed on your provided Delorean.

Coulombe Enterprises, LLChas beenan established company since 1996. We are a movie themed prop fabricating company specializing in Movie themed: Vehicles, Robots, Exhibits, Displays, Props and Electronic Special FXfocusing on entertainment and we do it with "STYLE"!

Our highly talented team of professional engineers, master machinist and prop builderswill transform your Delorean into one of the finest built, highly detailed, well craftedreplicas in the world. Our company is international known for high quality and our work hasappeared in/on many Television shows, Tradeshows, Exhibits, Corporate Events, Magazines, Websites and Media.

Our team and associates havehad the honor of working with major film and TV studios like Universal Studios, CBS, ABC, NBC andNetflix. Our Delorean Time Machines, four of them wereapproved and personally chosen byBob Gale the producer/co-writer of the Back To The Future Trilogy to represent the 30th Anniversary celebration of Back To The Futureat the West Washington Film Festival and have driven cast members Bob Gale, Christopher Lloyd, Claudia Wells and others onto the red carpet for their photo ops.

OK, let's talk about the details for which you are purchasing.

First, we will help you arrange for your Delorean to be delivered to our facility in Oviedo Florida, located between Orlando and Kennedy Space Center. If you do not own a Delorean, then we will be happy to help located the Delorean that fits your needs. We are experts at purchasing Deloreans with over 24 Delorean Time Machine replica builds to our credit over the last 6 years. We know what issues to look for and what questions to ask in obtaining the best Delorean for your money. Plus, we never charge to help you find your Delorean. What we negotiate on your behalf, is what you pay the seller of the Delorean, not a penny for our services as long as you have the Delorean sent to us for full conversion.

Once we have we received your Delorean to our fabrication shop in Oviedo Floridaand your paymentwe will do a bumper to bumper cosmetic video inspection on your vehicle. We will send you a copy of the inspection video and a waiver of liability form. The video is for your review of any damages, scratches, tears, dents, blemishes, missing items and/or any non-working parts that exist prior to us beginning work on your vehicle. The Waiver of Liability form is for you to sign stating you acknowledging issues with the vehicle prior to our work and releasing us from any claim of these damage to the vehicle prior to us beginning work on your vehicle. Once we have received the signed waiver, we will get started on transforming your Delorean into one of our iconic time machine replicas.

Once the transformationhas beencompleted on your vehicle, we will produce an instructional "HOW TO"video staring "Marty McFly"explaining toyou, all about your new Time Machine and how to use its electronic audio and visual effects systems. Lastly, once we have received your approval and full payment has been completed, you arrange to have your Dream Time Machine transported back to you at your expense unless, you choose to come to our facility, pick it up in person and drive it home.

This listing is for our 2015 Fusion Industries Series Delorean Time Machine replica with movie accurate details, audio and visual effects. This sale does not include the Fog Machines, Backup camera system, Hovers, Landing lights, Plutonium Nuclear Reactor, Lightning Boxor lightning pole. "NOTE", the photos shown in this listing are for reference showcasing samples of some of the different series Time Machines we have valuable and made. This sale price is for our 2015 Fusion Industries Delorean Time Machine only.

The following listed series can be purchased at additional fees. Contact usfor cost and details.

1985 Doc Brown Plutonium Nuclear Reactor Time Machine - 1955 Lightning Bolt Time Machine - 1955 Drive-in Theatre with Hood Box Time Machine - 2015 Fly'n Delorean Time Machine with Illuminated hover wheels - Visit our website for detailed photos on all our listed series Time Machines..... Delorean Time Machines .com

Our 2015 Fusion Industries Time Machine series comes with the following.....

Interior props and wiring cable of: Fully programmable Time Displacement Circuits ( operates exactly like the one in the movie with sound and lights). Time traveling Flux Capacitor, Plutonium Chamber with lights and needle movement,High PowerContactors, Flux Dispersal Digital Speedometer, NRG Power Isolators, Steering Wheel Flight switches, Cabin O2 Generator, Power Distribution HeatSinks,Flux Dispersal Status Array, Cable Strain Relief Boxes, Primary and Secondary Relay Banks, High Voltage Systems Regulator, Liquid Cooling Impeller Unit, Time Drive TFC Switch, Tunez Switch, Overhead Auxiliary Control Panel, Coulombe Electrical Auxiliary Power Supply, Thick wire cable harnesses andInterior Rear Bulkhead

All the following exterior props are made of aluminum not plastic resin

ENGINE DECK PROPS .................. Aluminum made Engine deck, Aluminum made CO2 Exhaust Vents with 2 hoses, Aluminum made Mr. Fusion deck, Mr. Fusion Energy Reactor, Aluminum made Reactor Core Heat Containment Tank, Containment Tank Silicon made Heater Hose, Aluminum made Amno Can with metal Heat Sink, Aluminum made Hydro Electric Pump housing with metal Heat Sink,

DRIVER SIDE PONTOON PROPS....... Aluminum made Reactor Power Storage cells,Resin made 2Military Cable connectors, Aluminum made Atmospheric Data Collectors, Liquid Coolant feeder Hose and Aluminum made Liquid Coolant Grid with connector.

PASSENGER'S SIDE PONTOON PROPS............. Aluminum made Reactor Compression Filters, Aluminum Electrical Power Capacitors, Aluminum made Hydro Flight Control Rods, Aluminum made RF Coil Driver Cans, Power Distribution Secondary Termination Block Aand Wire Harness.

OTHER PROPS SURROUNDING EXTERIOR OF VEHICLE............Aluminum made Rear Window Bulkhead, Roof Top mounted Temporal Demodulation Flux Coil boxes, Aluminum made Wormhole Generator, Aluminum made AFT (left/right) Temporal Displacement Flux Bands Illuminated in one color of your choice, Aluminum made Port/Starboard Flux Coil Bridge Cable harness and Fehr Tube, Aluminum made Forward Temporal Displacement Flux Band Illuminated in one color of your choice.


12vdc Deep Cycle Optima battery, Fuse Distribution Block, Audio Power Amp, Audio Sound boards, Power Systems 10 amp battery Charger, 12vdc/30 amp Power Supply, MainPower Disconnect Kill Switchand CEI's Delorean Time Machine Owner's Technical Reference Manual.

Our Delorean Time Machines are assembled by the best team of highly trained, certified, educated and experienced craftsman. We have built 24 replicas to date. meet our Team:

Bruce Coulombe - Owner and Ex-NASA Electronics Engineer of Custom Product Development and Design, Phil Bergeron - Ex- Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Metal Machinist, Emily Forrester - Present NASA Mechanical Engineer, Rob Sims - Universal OrlandoResort Prop Maker,Stuntman, Actor and resident Marty McFly,Phillip Daley - Universal Orlando Resort Master Prop Maker, Tom Snyder - Master Prop Builder at Disney World and TV Show Robot Chicken, Joe LaViola - Virtual Reality Professor at UCF and Delorean expert.

Warning: Knowledge is power! Do your home work. The other builders claim to be able to build you a quality replica, "NOT TRUE!" They are self taught and have no such training, experience or certification....ask them!

We will not be Rushed!

Our fabrication process can take anywhere from 2 months to 4 months once we have received both the vehicle and waiver.We will not accept any request for a deadline outside what we have stated above. We have time proven techniques that ensure we are very thorough in our fabrication procedures, testing and certification process. To ask us to "RUSH" is asking us to compromise our quality, we will not do anything less than our best craftsmanship on every project we undertake.

You're trusting us with your hard earned money& iconic Delorean so, we make sure you get nothing but the best trained educated personal to assembly your Dream Time Machine .......

Today, Tomorrow & Beyond!

Please contact us with any questions that you may have.

Be sure to ask us about out other movie themed Vehicles, Robots, Exhibits, Actors,Props and Engineering Services.

We're proud of our service to Kennedy Space Center, Universal Orlando Resort, NBC Universal Hollywood, GE, I Heart Radio, Meriden/GE, Dell Computers, Microsoft, Netflix, Walmart, New York Life and Many many others. We also enjoy building these movie themed 1:1 scale replicas: Jurassic Park Jeeps, Knight Rider, Batman Tumbler, Lost In Space Robot, Ghost Busters, Dinosaurs and much more!

To Be Continued......., into the future!