1970 Datsun 240Z-- Great Winter Project

Price: US $3,265.00 Item location: Prescott, Arizona, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Datsun
  • Model: Z-Series
  • Trim: Custom
  • Year: 1970
  • Mileage: 9,999,999
  • VIN: HLS3006834
  • Engine size: 6 cylinder
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1970 Datsun Z-Series

This is a 1970 Datsun 240Z I got in a package deal with a 1973 240Z. Vin Number HLS3006834. 7/70 production date. It is rough. It is tumble. It has dents. It does not run. In fact, he engine is stuck,. It has been customized. It is not the original engine. Or tranny. .It has sat for years. In a junkyard. Where the Mormon junk yard forklift driver from Hell attacked it with his fork. More on that later . It had layers of dust i, ou, top and bottom. I had it mucked out but it needs everything.If you want a bone stock original , his is not it. If you want a driver, nbsp;this is not it. But if you want to build a first year 240 Z the way you want, his might be it. As far as I can tell, his car started off in Southern California. Malibu, o less. Someone there built a pretty nice car with it. Put a 82/83 280ZX engine and 5 speed tranny in .F-54 lower end with a P90 square port head. Which is the top choice for free flowing heads for performance built early Z engines. Kept the early Z carbs,intake, ilter, tc.They did suspension work including a large front sway bar, ew coils, nd rebuilt half shafts by some driveline shop in Ventura. They also shaved the rear corner marker lights and filled the bumper return indents on both sides And cut and capped the rear bumper.. Added a nice vintage Bre type front spoiler and I imagine other stuff. Includes redoing the interior with some suede cloth for door panels and also over all the rear plastic.They sanded all the exterior chrome and stainless and painted it black. Which is largely chipped away leaving sanded chrome and stainless. This is a AC car. . Without compressor . Probably removed when 280 engine installed. Though the smog pump is there and still hooked up. California emissions and all. .Driver door panel gone and that window is off the track. The drivers door mirror has a fancy, t the time, emote control cable setup to control the mirror from the inside. . Why not just crank the window down and do it the old fashioned way is beyond my pay scale. But alas the car did live in Malibu at the time. . But it somehow left the warm Pacific Ocean and landed i, f all places, ome small junkyard in the middle of nowhere Southern Utah Desert not far from Zion. Whether it was banished from Southern California to Southern Uta, do not know.Maybe because of that stupid remote control mirror setup.But I do know that Mormon forkift driver had a strong dislike for Datsun Z cars. As he stabbed this one in the front left fender. A clean cut thru the skin and not a death blow. Whereas the white 73 next to it took a number of deeper cuts. One thru the drivers door almost to the center console.Must of been a slow day in the yard and he needed some target practice. From a life of leisure in Malibu to getting poked to death in some forlorn Utah junkyard. If this car could talk. This car is not rustfree. But close. Some bubbling and bondo in the passenger side dogleg. Small area on driver rear pan. And damage on the rear of both floor stiffening rails . Usually because of longtime sitting where water gets down into the rails and is trapped at the tail end.This car sat a longtime in that dreaded junkyard so that makes sense here. The rockers, ower fenders, nner front arches are nice clean and rustfree. No signs of previous accident damage. No front end hits, hich is very common with Zs.Nice frame horns with no damage.The rear wheelwell upper lips have been crimped to make room for the wide rubber it was running. The rear inner lower hatch is nice and clean along the bottom where they all rust. . There is some surface rust on the right lower corner near the glass.The hatch release assemby is out and there is some denting around the opening. And also on the middle of the lower hatch ledge where it is bent down. Both easy fixes. There is no key for the car. And the ignition tumbler has not been beat by a screwdriver to release the steering wheel lock. . I imagine I can come up with a key to turn the wheels.Speaking of which, of the American Racing wheels were flat. So to load it on my trailer I brought long a set of 15 inch Gottis. Which work good to rollup and on the trailer but not for the highway. Offset is off in the rear and they rub on the coils. So spacers if you want to run those. Or put new rubber on the American Racing. I will include both sets. Before I get this down off my trailer and get into it, thought I would throw it here on eBay and see what happens. If it sells good, f not, reat. I will go thru it. . I am listing this as is. And I really do not even know everything about what is and what is not. I got these 2 days ago. No whining, o crying . This will be a great car to build thru this winter. The engine, ay or may, ot loosen up after pickling it . I have always had great luck getting Z engines turning again after longtime storage. But no guaranties here. Hope for the best, lan for the worst. Early first year Zs are getting harder to get in any shape for reasonable money these days. Save some serious money here and bring this car back to life. After all it has been thru it deserves it Car has a straight clean Utah title . Personal inspection is more than welcome at my shop here in Prescott.Or send someone else to check it out . I get over to the Long Beach shippers every week or so . So overseas buyers are more than welcome and I will even include delivery to Long Beach shippers for you. Great cars at reasonable money like this do not come across so much any more ..This will be a good one for someone.

On Dec-08-15 at 15:11:25 PST, eller added the following information:

Well, needed my trailer so I unloaded the Zs today. And figured as long they were down on dirt again, would play with the 70 some. Got the engine turning easily by hand. Put a hot battery and a jug of gas in the engine bay. Hotwired it and it turned easily. Then it started right up. And idled. And revved up. Sounded great. Put some fluid in and got the brakes up a bit. Working on the clutch now. Somebody who knew what they were doing did the engine work. The carbs are 1 3/4 inch . And are moving nicely and not all gummed up. The engine sounds very healthy. Not sure if they built it but that would not surprise me. With the stock non flapper 70 air filter assembly off, noticed the engine mount below was shiny. Put a cloth to it and the thing is chromed. Who does that? Some would say someone with more money than brains. But it kind of gives an idea on the quality of build done. Someone threw a lot of money at this car.Will try to get it running down the road and report in here later.

On Dec-09-15 at 09:30:42 PST, eller added the following information:

Got it running, moothly at that on a jug of gas in the engine bay. Got the clutch up. Not much brake yet, nd the rear inner tires are against the coils. So no driving down the road. But back and forth about 10 feet in my yard no problem. Did a compression check. 117 to 120 straight across. No smoke. No noises, o grinding, o clanking. Clean the fuel system, ajor tune up, nbsp;belts, oses, luids etc and should be a good runner.So now this car is not a stuck engine non runner. It is on its way back to life on the road where it belongs.