1962 Chevrolet Impala Convertible"409/409/4/Spd SURVIVOR 56,911Mi" ACTUAL MILES!

Price: US $25,300.00 Item location: Boca Raton, Florida, United States
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: Impala
  • SubModel: 409/409
  • Type: Convertible
  • Trim: Convertible 2-Door
  • Year: 1962
  • Mileage: 56,911
  • VIN: 21867G114510
  • Color: Honduras Maroon Metallic (Factory Paint Code 948)
  • Engine size: 409 cubic inch V-8 Rated @ 409 HP,420ft lbs torque
  • Number of cylinders: V8
  • Power options: AM/FM 200watt Stereo with Bose Speakers, Custom Chevrolet Embroidered Carpeted floor mats
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: 4/speed/close ratio/ manual/all synchromesh
  • Drive type: Rear
  • Interior color: Black (Factory trim code 7-814)
  • Options: Convertible
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1962 Chevrolet Impala 409/409

1962 Chevrolet Impala Convertible"409/409/4/Spd SURVIVOR 56, 11Mi" A documented ON THE TITLE "ACTUAL MILEAGE" real 409/409hp with all the correct build date codeson both the engine block and on the Data Plate. The ONLY LOW ACTUAL MILEAGE TITLE Chevrolet Impala documented 409/409/4/speed original convertible we are aware for sale anywhere in the world and on the market today at a reasonable price!This is an IMPALA...the SS emblems & wheel covers were added. A SS Grab Bar will be included if the reserve is met. If you know of another one that's documented like this car & in this original type condition, t this most reasonable price we would love to hear from you! I am alerting you to the fact that there is a lot of copy and a lot of photos and facts in this auction. We made an effort to answer any questions or concerns that we might have if we were the buyer & you were the sellor.If you really love vintage cars...take your time and read this entire auction as it is very rare that cars in this condition and pedigree appear on Ebay for sale and at a very fair price! A few words about the creator of this auction. I truly love vintage cars...my car pals say I am a "Car-A-Holic" I do NOT consider my self an "EXPERT"..nor do I ever refer to myself as a "EXPERT" To me, a person who refers to himself as an "EXPERT" is probably a guy 50 miles from his home"LOL..meaning no one knows him so he can pass himself off as an "EXPERT!" However; I do consider myself very knowledgeable on most vintage and antique cars as it has been my passion and hobby since 1955. (60 years) I bought my 1st antique car in 1956, my 1st late model used car in 1957 (1955 Chevy Bel Air Convertible) and my 1st NEW car in 1960 (A 1960 Chevy Impala Sport Coupe with a 348/335hp/4/speed/4:11 posi-traction.) I took delivery on January 14th, 1962 of my 2nd new car.It was a Black with Anniversary Gold Bucket seats Impala SS Sport Coupe, 409/409, 4/speed/4:56 Posi-traction which I campaigned for all of 1962. I had the privilege of racing some really great 1/4 miles drag racers...to name but a few....Dave Strickler, Don Nicholson, Arnie Beswick, Bob Fulp and the pretty gal from Pasadena who drove for the Pasadena, CA. Ramchargers who put my 409 back on my trailer at the Indy Nationals in a hurry! (September, 962) In the past 53 years I have owned 42 different 409 Chevys which included the model years 1962-1964. However, other than the 409 I bought new from Jim Rathmann Chevrolet/Cadillac in Melbourne, Fla., nbsp;ONLY two of these 42 cars were "REAL" 409/409 cars with all correct casting dates, date codes and paperwork to further prove their authenticity. One of those cars I will discuss later in the auction copy and is NOT for sale at any price...the other is this car which is being offered to some lucky collector and at a very reasonable price. Normally, a car of this pedigree, in this condition and with this degree of originality and history is sold to the highest bidder by a Leading Auction Company at prime time on a Saturday evening. There is no doubt in our mind that this car would set a record if sold by a large auction house...but we really do love the cars more than the money and prefer this method. We prefer offering the car on Ebay for many reasons...just a few are: it saves both each the buyer and seller approx. 10% of the selling price, it gives the buyer the chance to have all of his questions answered and if he or she wishes, to have a inspection before the purchase is done and even a test drive and most important to me...it makes the entire experience a lot more fun and personal. So take advantage of this truly rare and unique opportunity as cars like this are very rarely for sale. Please pick up the phone and give us a call...or e-mail us at luvdg@aol.com and let us know the best time to call you. However, Out of the U.S. buyers must call us at 954-873-6495 and please note we are in South Florida and are on Eastern Standard Time. Two short video U-tubes on this car! We are inserting along with a multitude of hi-definition digital photos, nbsp;two 1 minute videos of this car which will let you see & hear the car starting, running, driving, shifting and braking. The car is started with a "cold" start and will be driven at Highway and City speeds. You will see & hear it driven up and down thru the gears at Highway and City speeds. Please give us a call at 954-873-6495 to discuss the car and the lowest possible acceptable price. We can be reached at luvdg@aol.com or can be contacted by phone at 954-873-6495. Exterior Color: Honduras Maroon Metallic (Factory Paint Code 948) Interior Color: Black (Factory trim code 7-814) Convertible Top :White (Factory top- code 10) Note:Only 4 convertible top colors were offered in 1962: White, Black, Cream, and Blue. (White was the most popular) Convertible Boot: Black Engine:409 cubic inch V-8 Rated at 409 Horsepower and 420 ft. lbs. Note: Engine factory code which was stamped on the block for this option was QB (409/409hp/dual 4bbls)Also stamped on the block is the casting number and casting date which is discussed in detail later in the copy) Transmission: 4/speed/close ratio/ manual/all synchromesh Serial Number: 21867G114510 Actual Mileage: 56, 11 TIRES: A MATCHED SET OF FOUR G-78-14 GOODYEAR POWER STREAK II FOUR PLIES POLYESTER CORD. They are all in EXCELLENT condition with approximately 3000 miles. Study carefully all the photos of the car.....the "stance" (level) or how the car sits is absolute perfection. SPARE: Also a G-78 Goodyear but it is in just fair condition. If you let the air out you probably can smell what the planet was like in 1962. Trunk is complete with original jack, nbsp;jack plate, tire iron, and original mounting hardware. Mileage: Actual: 56, 11 Car will have a few more miles as we drive it around Boca Raton for the photos & video. Rear end: The prior owner wasn't sure of the ratio but after driving it at various speeds my best educated guess is that it's a 3:70 ratio. Posi-traction: I wanted to see how it worked and to make sure it had a posi rear end. I checked the only way I know how which I readily acknowledge is "old school" I let the clutch out from a standing stop in 1st gear at 3200rpms, instantly began spinning both rear tires and left two dark patches of rubber approx 12-15 feet in length...and as soon as I felt both tires break loose, I backed off immediately. Don't worry...I didn't and wouldn't hurt this piece of Chevrolet history. I doubt if this Chevy has ever seen a drag strip...the convertibles were several hundred pounds heavier than a Impala hardtop, nbsp; Delray or Biscayne and were meant for "cruising" not for drag racing. The Convertibles were really great when taking your favorite girl to a drive-in restaurant or drive-in movie. The convertible top works excellent. It was replaced approx. 21 years ago and is still snow white, no tears, rips or loose stitches and fits great. The back window is perfectly clear. We also took photos of the inside of the top so you can see its great condition. One of the things that annoys us on vintage convertibles is that the sun visors never seem to stay up when rotated to the up position...not the case with this car...they stay up...until you want them back down. We had the top down in the well with the boot on for the past couple of weeks....waiting for a day with no chance of rain...and today was the day. The few tiny wrinkles you see in the top all come out if you leave the car with the top up in the sun for a couple of hours. The top fits excellent on this car...a fit you'll only get from an original car that has never been in an accident or had any rust issues. We took photos of the car with the top up and all the windows up...and all the windows down so you can see the excellent fit. Serial Number: 21867G114510 Serial Number decoded: 2=year (1962) 18= Impala with V-8 engine 67= 2 door convertible G= Made in Farmingham, MA. Factory Plant 114510= Production Number Chronological order of date codes on 1962 409 Chevy Convertible 1.409 Block was made on November 24th, 961 with casting number date code on block of K2461= K(November) 24=24th day, 61=1961 2.409 Engine assembled on 14th of February, 962. Stamped on front of block is TO214QB. TO=Tonawanda, 214=February 14th, QB=409/409hp 3.Car was produced on the 1st or 2nd day of March, 1962. DATA Tag states 03A= 03=March, A=1st week 4. In service warranty date which was day car was delivered was March, 9th, 962. In service warranty original sticker from Byrne Bros Chevrolet inside of glove box door. Mileage: 56, 11 ACTUAL MILEAGE and the mileage stated on the title that comes with this car states "ACTUAL" mileage. In addition to the mileage written in on the reassignment of title documentation, we obtained an additional odometer disclosure statement from the previous owner attesting to the mileage as being actual and correct. We bought the car with 56, 10 miles and then sent it to Florida on a 1st class enclosed carrier. Making or providing a false statement concerning mileage can result in fines and/or imprisonment. There are lots and lots of great digital photos of this car. Please give them time to load in your computer. There is also a lot of copy on this car due to it's incredible condition and rarity. It is one of the most original and documented 1962 409/409hp convertibles being offered for sale anywhere in the world....and the best news is that it is priced $1000's under the present market value! TUNE UP SPECIFICATIONS FOR 1962 Chevrolet 409/409hp YearEngineAC Spark plugSpark Plug Gap (inches)Distributor Point Gap (inches)Point Dwell (degrees)Timing (degrees)Intake Valve (inches)C=Cold H=HotExhaust Valve (inches) 1962409 (380/409hp) w/spec. camAC43N.035.0182912B.008H.018H We are open to trades......but please no cars needing restoration, no kit or replica cars, no rest-o-rods or hot rods. We prefer American convertibles from the 50's and 60's that are in near perfect ORIGINAL condition or cars that have had a professional restoration. TO SAVE TIME...PLEASE don't write and ask us "WHAT IS YOUR RESERVE?" or "WHAT IS YOUR LOWEST PRICE?" INSTEAD...PLEASE call us anytime between 9:00am and 7:00pm. Eastern Standard time and we will gladly share with you the lowest acceptable price-I think you will be pleasantly surprised. CALL US AT 954-873-6495 IMPORTANT....PLEASE NOTE: The ONLY way a seller can correctly state the car being offered for sale is the "ACTUAL & TRUE MILEAGE is for the car's title to state as such. Also, the serial number ID plate on the car must match the title and all previous titles. The ID plate still has it's original rivets as does the TRIM or DATA plate. This is exceptionally rare...especially on a car that is 53 years old with the high performance engine and transmission! This is "THE REAL DEAL! A little of this car's incredible history. This car was purchased from a really fine gentleman and car collector (Paul) who purchased this car 20 years ago on April 22nd, 1995. At that time it had 54, 00 miles recorded on it's "ACTUAL MILEAGE" Ohio title. Paul explained that the transaction was a result of his trading his cherished 1969 Camaro RS/SS DZ/302 with just 18, 00 actual miles to Michael white for this car. He rationalized that the larger Impala Convertible would be a more suitable fit for his wife and his then two very young children. His intent in investing in this particular car was also to use it sparingly and eventually sell it with all the proceeds being given to his kids to use towards their college education...and that is exactly what he did. Paul not able to find out the name of the car's original owner, but the Gentleman whom we purchased the car from (Paul) was able to relate most of the history he was able to discover during his 20 year ownership of this magnificent Impala Convertible. He was at a car show when a gentleman who use to own this car for 15 years walked up to Paul and introduced himself as James Cole from Virginia Beach, VA. Mr. Cole said he purchased the car from a gentleman who had owned the car for almost 17 years and that he was able to buy the car with an "ACTUAL MILEAGE" title. He also related to Paul that the fellow whom he had bought the car from said that it still had it's original factory 409 engine. Mr. Cole from Virginia Beach, Virginia sold the car after having loved and owned it for approx. 15 years with 54, 42 miles and a actual mileage title to a Michael White of Lisbon, Ohio. Michael was then issued an "ACTUAL MILEAGE" Ohio title on the 25th of November, 1994. Michael hardly drove the car and sold it a year later with 54, 00 miles having only driven the car just 58 miles. He sold the car with an "ACTUAL Mileage" title to Paul on April 22nd, 1995 in Vermont. The title states "ACTUAL MILEAGE, 54, 00. Paul said that Both Mr. Cole and Mr. White told him that as long as they owned this car it had the same engine...the same engine that is in this car today. A little later in this auction we will list and decode the stamping numbers on the block as well as the Trim Tag...also sometimes referred to as the DATA or BODY tag. Here are the 1962 Paint colors and codes offered by Chevrolet: Over the next 20 years, Paul drove the car 2, 92 miles or an average of 134.5 miles a year. Paul related to us that just prior to him buying the car, the 409 engine & 4/speed transmission were pulled out and professionally rebuilt, the car was painstakenly painted in it's factory original color with DuPont lacquer, the convertible top replaced as were the front and rear seat covers. The door panels were left original as was the chrome, trim, lass & pot metal simply because they were and still are in fantastic condition. This work was done by Mr. Cole in Virginia Beach, VA. who had owned the car for 15 years. It was done just before he sold the car to Michael White. The Super Sport wheel spinners currently on the car replaced the stock Impala hubcaps . The original AM radio was saved and will accompany the sale of this car. A prior owner installed an actual temperature gauge in place of the HOT/COLD "idiot" light. It as an excellent safety measure to prevent running this car beyond the recommended temperature. The SS emblems were also added to both rear quarter panels as well as the Impala SS emblem on the trunk deck. I personally love the comfort of the full bench seat...plus the fact that 3 adults can comfortably ride in the front seat. However, should you wish to install two new Super Sport Bucket Seats, they are available for less than $1000 for the pair. The original Delco AM radio was saved and will be safely packed inside a box and will be inside the trunk. When we acquired this spectacular car, it had a 20+ year old Kenwoodradio that really looked out of place in this car. In order to install the radio, the glove box had previously been completely removed. The best thing about the system was the use of 4 great sounding Bose Speakers. Two were installed in the front kick panels which didn't look very good...but the two installed in the back seat were neatly and cleverly installed in each backseat armrest. The additional not currently being used two Bose speakers will be safely packed in a box and will be in the car's trunk. Should the new owner wish to have them installed in the new kick panels, in the door panels or anywhere else, nbsp;they can make their own choice of placement. The wiring for these two speakers is neatly & safely tie wrapped under the dash behind the radio. We had Anthony, the owner of Audio Innovations in Lake Worth, FL. install the new AM/FM Stereo radio (200watts) which was specially ordered from Custom Autosound in Fullerton, CA.As you can see it is a perfect fit & also looks period correct. He did a superb job & I highly recommend his services. Please feel free to call me for his number. The car's original antenna was saved & utilized and it provides a strong AM or FM signal. For optimum FM reception, extend the antenna 30". It has RCA outputs & AUX inputs for iPod, MP3, DVD and Satellite. This radio is made expressly for 1961 or 1962 full size Chevrolet Impalas. We wanted a nice sounding radio that would fit in the dash without any modifications. The sound is remarkable and it's nearly impossible to determine where the music is coming from as it seems to come from throughout the car's entire interior. Anthony installed a new glove box liner and lock as the previous owner had removed the glove box to make room for a radio. Other items we replaced (we saved the originals) are the rubber pads that cover the brake and clutch pedals, the accelerator pedal, the door sills. We saved these parts as they are further evidence of a car withjust under 57, 00 miles that has always been cared for meticulously. These will be placed inside the trunk unless you wish them discarded We also replaced the 4 piece rubber vinyl trunk kit and installed new under the hood insulation pads. We took a photo of the entire under the actual hood area so you can see it is total original and rust free. Also, photos of the trunk with the spare and original jack kit removed and again with the new trunk vinyl kit with spare & jack accessories. When you turn the key to the ON position, before starting the car, the Red GEN & OIL light comes on (just as it should) and when the engine is started both red lights go out. If your ever driving and see the red GEN light come on, you have a problem with the generator and if the Red OIL light comes on, turn off the engine immediately as you have low oil pressure. Paul who has 40 years experience in the automotive paint and body field expressed to us that in his opinion, this car has NEVER been in an accident. Over the past couple of weeks I have been over this car again and again, and I concur...this cars shows no signs of every having been in any type of accident. The fit is TOO perfect...it is a FACTORY fit on all the doors, hood, trunk, fenders, body panels, nbsp;bumpers, windows etc. You can close either door with a gentle push of your baby finger. Same with the trunk & the hood.....this validates the saying that "a car is only original one time" All the glass has it's ORIGINAL factory markings....pretty incredible!The includes the front and back windows, both vent windows and the windshield....that means that all 7 pieces of glass in this car are factory original. We didn't want to bore you with 7 photos of windows so we took just one on the windows. It was hard to get the camera to focus so we held the keys which have a Chevy logo on the key ring behind the glass...and thus enabled the auto focus lense to take the photo. We guarantee that all 7 pieces of glass have the original factory markings. The gas cap is ORIGINAL as are the dual outside mirrors with the Chevrolet logo on the back of each. The tachometer & sending unit (Sun) are also original. Included are 4 brand new pair of period correct safety belts with the Chevrolet decal logo. They are new in the box and the new owner can install them at his or her's choice of placement. (see photo taken in trunk of 4 brand new safety belts and 4 Chevrolet decals which go on each buckle) All of the rubber weather seals look original. There are two seals that we feel should be replaced and will come with the car. They are the seals for the small vent window on each side. It was a common practice to crank these windows all the way open and into the reverse position to catch the most fresh air and direct it on to the driver and passengers in the front seat...in doing this, over a long period (53 years) the seals have a tendency to dry out. (see photo in trunk) The rubber trunk seal is original and it has a small piece approx. 5" in length that is partially missing. Included is a brand new correct replacement rubber trunk weather seal. (packed in side the trunk) We could only find two tiny flaw in the chrome or trim of this car....we don't think it will show up in any of the photos. The first is a very small ding in the lower rocker molding on the passenger side. We were able to locate a brand new replacement molding...complete with a set of new clips. We will have the molding drop shipped (pre-paid) to the new lucky owner and he or she can decide if they want to replace the original one on the car. The very slight ding is so minor that they can decide if they want to have the new molding installed or leave the original one on the car. The 2nd is a small ding in the aluminumoutside trunk molding on the driver's side. A new replacement piece along with the clips will also be drop shipped (pre-paid) to the new owner. SO WHAT DID WE FIND THAT DIDN'T WORK? The clock does not keep accurate time. If you want the clock to work, you can find a brand new Quartz modern movement for $95.00. Several companies offer this service on line. The cigarette liter does not work. Personally I am glad it doesn't but they are readily available should you want to smoke in this classic car. The trunk light bulb is out and should be replaced. If we find one, we will do so before shipping the car to its new owner. We found everything else to be in working order...including but not limited to Head lights, interior dash lights with the brightness fader up and down feature, both interior lights when either door is opened, nbsp;tail lights, turn signal lights, brake lights, back-up lights, horn, fan blower, heater, defroster and wipers. POWER STEERING: This car did not come with power steering and most Chevrolet dealers recommended that power steering not be ordered on the 409 cars with 380HP or 409HP. The reason was these cars have a tremendous amount of power and torque and when the pedal is pushed to the floor it was common for these cars to "fish tail"and with power steering it was easy to over correct the fishtailing and lose control of the car's intended direction.The previous owner bought all the parts necessary to install power steering on this car. After driving this car I found it very easy to drive & park and I personally like the better feel one gets when driving a high horsepower car with lots of torque like this without power steering. However, we will include all the parts we got from the previous owner for power steering and the parts will be in the same carton we received them & packed in the trunk.In 1962 the standard air cleaner was painted black and the valve covers silver. When this car was repainted and the engine rebuilt, the owner at that time replaced the black air cleaner with the present Chrome one and replaced the silver valve covers with the chrome ones. We do not have the original black air cleaner or silver valve covers. In 1963 the 409's came with the air cleaner chromed as well as the valve covers and the horsepower rating was raised to 425hp. We carefully looked over each of the 6 tail lamps...EVERY one have the ORIGINAL GUIDE 1962 stamped on the lenses. Amazing! We checked both of the front parking lamp/turn signal lenses....Both are Factory original with GUIDE 1962 stamped on each lense. One of the headlights is the factory original T-3 and the other side has been changed. It looks identical...it just wasn't made in 1962. The bright lights are both correct GE lamps. UNDERCARRIAGE: This car was undercoated by the delivering dealer just prior to delivery of this car on March 9th, 1962. The undercarriage is not rusty and is really original and untouched for the past 53 years.It is my opinion that it should be left just like it is as it further validates that this is an actual, low mileage car. It looks like a car should look that has almost 57, 00 miles and is 53 years old. It has not been cleaned, detailed or painted. We left it untouched as it further documents this car's originality and actual mileage. WE believe because this car was professionally undercoated from day one by the delivering dealership and was ALWAYS garage kept and never driven in any type of harsh or inclement weather, it has enabled this car to survive in it's present condition with a ROCK SOLID frame and undercarriage.Pebble Beach now has a class called "Survivor" This car is nice enough to enter in this class at Pebble Beach Concurs D'Elegance. Paul said the trunk and all floor pans remain original as do the body sheet metal panels. Paul is a respected name in the auto body and paint business for over 40 years and he said he saw no indication of bondo or body repair in this car...hence the reason this car is rightfully described as an incredible "SURVIVOR"! This is NOT a car that has had a body off frame restoration or a nut and bolt restoration (nor does it need it) but it is truly a documented low mileage SURVIVOR from 1962! The prior owner added the Super Sport Spinner wheels covers and we added the SS rear 1/4 panel emblems and the trunk SS emblem. We have located a new SS Grab Bar...sometimes referred to as a "SISSY BAR" If this car meets its low reserve price, the SS grab bar will be included with the sale and shipped pre-paid directly to the new owner. A few things that most of you already know about the 1962 Chevy Impala 409 Convertible. 1. It was the first time that an American car was so popular that a hit record was being played and danced to all across the nation..The Beach Boys released their hit 45rpm record "409" on October 3rd, 1961. 2. In 1957 Chevrolet made automotive history with the introduction of their 283 cid V-8 rated at 283hp .(with fuel-injection) Chevrolet again made automotive history in 1962 with their 409cid V-8 rated at 409hp. However, we must give credit to all of you Chrysler Hemi fans because the 1st American manufacturer to produce a V-8 with at least 1 horsepower or more per cubic inch was Chrysler with their 1956 Hemi that was offered in the Chrysler 300B. It was a 354cid HEMI V-8 rated at 355hp. (2- 4bbl carbs) A total of 1102 were produced. 3. The 1962 Chevrolet was so popular that it was near impossible to walk into a Chevrolet showroom and find one sitting on the lot or in the showroom available for purchase. I know this 1st hand. I ordered a 1962 SS Hardtop, 409/409/4/speed in Black with the Anniversary gold bucket seats in early September, 1961 and was not able to get delivery until mid January, 1962. I campaigned the car under the name "BLACK THUNDER" and was sponsored by my pal, Jim Rathmann, winner of the Indy 500 in 1960.I took delivery of my car at his new dealership in Melbourne, lorida.I won't bore you with all of my drag racing adventures as this auction is about one very special 1962 409 Impala Convertible. Through Jim, I was able to meet Chevy legends Zora Arkus Duntov and Ed Cole. (sales mgr. of Chevy at the time and later President of Chevrolet) and Bruce Crower who built all of the special camshafts and pistons for both Chevrolet's NASCAR and 1/4 mile programs. Also automotive legends Smokey Yunick, Mickey Thompson, Don Garlits and many, many more. The only reason I mention any of this is that when you call us at 954-873-6495 you will get guys who really can speak the "CAR TALK" language from the 50's & 60's. The two things you can never buy in a vintage car are MILEAGE & ORIGINALTY and this piece of Chevrolet motoring history has both! It really is gorgeous and rare MECHANICAL ART at it's finest. It is my firm belief that ORIGINAL, documented low mileage cars will always drive better than those that have been taken apart and then reassembled.....and will also have a higher value....as cars like this are only original one time. Anyone can ask whatever they want for their car. In doing a diligent search of all the 409 convertibles currently offered for sale, I found a beautiful blue 409 convertible offered for $185, 00 by a dealer in Iowa....but there was no mention of any date codes, casting numbers, casting dates or serial numbers. I found 409 convertibles ranging from a low of $55, 00 for a totally incorrect car with racing headers, Edelbrock carbs, and lots of modifications to the above mentioned one for $185, 00. We are aware of only two "REAL" 1962 409/409 4/speed convertibles that have low actual mileage titles. THIS CAR IS VERY FAIRLY PRICED AND IS BELOW the market vale and priced to sell on Ebaymotors! We sincerely feel this is the 2nd best original and correct 409/409 Impala convertible known to exist! As mentioned earlier in the auction, here is a little info on the 409 that is NOT for sale at any price. So if this is 2nd best....what about the very best? IT IS THE LOWEST ACTUAL MILEAGE 409 CONVERTIBLE IN THE WORLD WITH DOCUMNENTS. It is a car we purchased from it's ORIGINAL owner in 1988 with just 14, 25 miles. He was not only an employee of Chevrolet but was their top engineer. Sadly he passed away in 1996 & is missed by anyone fortunate to know Zora Arkus Duntov. His beloved wife Elfie, passed away in 2002. The title states "ACTUAL MILEAGE" & over the past 27 yrs. we have driven the car less than 3000 miles. The car is NOT for sale at any price. It is completely original and unrestored! _____________________________Shown & described in this auction is the car that some lucky bidder can own and is the subject of this unique & special Ebay auction. This car being offered on Ebay Motors could be entered in any of the top antique car auctions and would could easily set a world record price...but since March of 2000 we have sold most of our vintage cars on Ebay Motors and are proud of our 100% feedback rating. We also get to know the new owner of any of our cars and we enjoy the personal interaction with the new owner more than the large auction house experience. It also gives us the opportunity of considering a car or cars in trade......having been a vintage car collector for more than 50 years and still active in the hobby...is very rewarding and still a ball! Here is some helpful information on decoding the Trim Tag (Body Tag) on your GM or Chevrolet made between 1958-1972 GM Body Tag Decoding1958-72 GMThe body tag on your car contains vital information for the restorer. The model, body style, paint color, interior color, and date of manufacture are all found on this metal tag. On 1958-67 models, the tag is riveted to the firewall near the windshield (it’s vertical). 1968-72 models moved to the cowl panel under the hood near the windshield (it’s horizontal). All models used a tag of this sort, and from 1964-72 there are 3 basic tag styles–1964-67, 1968, and 1969-72. We’ve illustrated all 3 here, and we’ve listed the important information (and how to read it). If yours is missing, someone removed it!

TIME BUILT CODE: The date of manufacture of the car. Consisting of 2 numbers and 1 letter, the code tells you the month and week of the month the car was built. The 2 digits represent the month (01=January, 02=February, etc.) while the letter represents the week of the month (A=1st week, B=2nd week, etc.). It’s not possible to pinpoint a specific day of manufacture from the data plate, only the week of the month the car was built can be determined. Generally, most date-coded components on the car were built between 2 and 8 weeks before the build date of the car. There are, however, exceptions to this rule.

MODEL YEAR: To the right of the “ST” letters (short for “Style”) are the last 2 digits of the model year of the car. “64″=1964, “70″=1970, etc.

DIVISION SERIES: The first digit of this code identifies the GM division (1=Chevrolet, 2=Pontiac, 3=Oldsmobile, 4=Buick), the second and third digits identify the series (Chevelle, LeMans, Cutlass, Skylark, etc.). While the series code on the data plate may not match the series code in the V.I.N., it must be from the same family (the series code will not represent an Impala on a Chevelle data plate, or a Catalina on a LeMans plate, and so on).

BODY TYPE: Following the division series is a 2-digit code that identifies the body style (or type) of the car, such as 2-door coupe, 2-door convertible, 4-door sedan, etc.

ASSEMBLY PLANT: This code identifies the assembly plant where the body was mated to the chassis/driveline, and final assembly procedures were performed. This is a 1 to 3 character code, and it must match the assembly plant code in the V.I.N.

UNIT NUMBER: To the left of the BODY or BDY letters is the unit number assigned at Fisher Body. This number will not match any numbers in the V.I.N. and is not significant to identification or restoration purposes.

TRIM NUMBER: To the right of the TR letters (short for TRIM) is the interior code. This 3-digit code shows the color and style of the interior and seats.

BODY COLOR: To the left of the PAINT or PNT letters are the exterior color codes. On 1964 Chevrolets, the codes are all 3 digits (including two-tone cars, which have unique 3-digit codes). From 1965 to mid-1969, Chevrolet used 2 letters–the first is for the lower body color and the second is for the roof paint, vinyl top or convertible top color. Buick, Olds and Pontiac used this 2-letter system from 1964 to mid-1969. From mid-1969 to 1972, all divisions used a 2-digit code for the lower color, followed by a 2-digit code for the roof paint, or a letter for the vinyl roof or convertible top color.

ACCESSORY CODES: On 1967-and-earlier models only, there may be accessory codes listed on the data plate. These codes indicate certain options on the car. Some of these codes have been decoded on Chevrolet and Pontiac vehicles, while Buick and Olds are still a mystery. The following types of equipment have been listed on data plates that have been decoded: tinted glass, transmission, console, air conditioning, radio, mirrors, rear defroster, seat belts, and bumper guards.

These codes will not appear on 1968-and-later plates. Accessory codes reappear with a different format in 1970 on various cars.

SEAT TYPE: There may or may not be an additional code following the trim code that identifies the type of seat installed in the car. These codes break down as follows:

A41 = 4-way front power seat (bench)A46 = 4-way front power seat (bucket)A51 = Front Strato bucket seatA75 = H.D. front bench seatA81 = Headrest (Strato seat type)A82 = Headrest (Conventional seat type)

DECODING THIS TRIM TAG (BODY TAG) PRODUCTION WEEK....very important! In the upper left hand corner of the tag is 03A This indicates the car was manufactured during the first week of March...probably on the 1st or 2nd day of March, 1962. The reason we believe this to be accurate is because we discovered the ORIGINAL delivering Chevrolet's dealer "warranty in service delivery card" affixed inside the metal glove box door stating "March 9th, 1962" as the in service date. (see photo in auction) It states the following information on the tag : Warranty in-service date: 3/9/62Policy A-876882Bryne Bros., Inc.White Plains, N.Y. CONTINUING DECODING THE TRIM TAG (BODY TAG) Style 62= 1962 Model 1867= 2 door Impala V-8 Body FR 7441= Fisher body made in Framingham, Mass Trim 7-814= Impala style Interior in Black Paint 948= Honduras Maroon Metallic Acc TOP 10= Convertible Top in white DECODING number stamped on front of block TO214QB This translates to a 409 engine made in Tonawanda, NY on the 14thday of February in 1962 and QB means it was a 409 V-8 rated at 409 horsepower with two 4bbl Carter AFB carburetors. The casting number on the engine block is 3788068 and the casting date number on the block is K2461...which translates to a 409 QB engine block which was cast at the Chevrolet engine foundry on the 24th of November, 1961. The casting number on the 409 cylinder heads is 3814690. These special heads were introduced in 1962 for the 409/409hp cars and remained in production until November 12th, 1963. The have the 2:19 intake valves and the 1:72 exhaust valves. DUAL CARTER AFB CARBURATORSAFB stands for "ALL FOUR BARRELS" Each carburetor has a thin metal tag and the 1st carb which is theone closest to the firewall has the number 1 stamped on the top anda RED tag that has the following letters and numbers:DO3804S3856560 The 2nd carb which is the one closest to the radiator or front of the engine has the number 2 stamped on the top and a BLUE tag that hasthe following letters and numbers:BO3361S815403 MATCHING NUMBERS "What does it mean?" Most car enthusiasts & car collectors understand this terminology to mean that a car still has it's factory original power train that was in the car when it left the factory....in the case of this car the factory was the Chevrolet plant in Farmingham, Massachusetts. We do know that all the 409 and 348 "W" engines were made in the engine plant in Tonawanda, New York and of course the engines had to be produced prior to the production of the car. In this case the engine was produced in mid February and then shipped to the Chevy plant in Farmingham, MASS. The DATA tag informs us that the car was made the 1st week of March and through the discovery of the ORIGINAL delivering Chevrolet Dealership's Warranty tag (see photo in auction) we can deduct that most likely the car was produced on the 1st or 2nd day of March, 962 because the in service Warranty started on March 9th, 1962. Chevrolet public information disclosed that a car like this was built in just 1 hour!As fast as they rolled off the assembly line and were test driven...they were loaded onto carriers for delivery to a franchised Chevrolet Dealer. Cars like this, a 409hp/4/speed convertible were factory ordered cars and the future owner was most anxious to receive his new special Chevy Convertible...hence the reason for ASAP delivery to the dealer. In 1962 Chevrolet began to stamp the ID number of the car on the engine block...but here is the problem. They didn't start this process until well into the model run and not every car was done even after they started this practice. The other problem is since these cars and others with high-performance engines have sky-rocketed in value, there are 1000's of cars with restamped numbers making them to appear to be "matching numbers" The only way one can be 100% sure that he owns a 100% "matching numbers" car is to be it's original owner. The triple black 409/409 convertible that we own was produced in early December, 1961 andit's 409/409 engine was made in November. It does not have the ID of the car stamped on the block... we bought the car from it's original owner...a well-known Chevrolet Top Executive. Since we bought the car from it's original owner on an "ACTUAL MILEAGE" title we feel confident in our belief that it is a "MATCHING NUMBERS" car...However, if we ever decide to sell it...we will not make that claim. WHY? Simple...because we are not the original owner of the car! The same holds true with this car. Since this car has had at least 4 previous owners, we can't 100% state it is a "MATCHING NUMBERS" car...although we truly believe it is. We tried very hard to find any indication that this one of a kind, low mileage ORIGINAL Chevy does not have it's original engine...but could not! We can not find ANY data or numbers or casting dates that would suggest it is NOT the original engine. We can state with certainty, that the mileage is factual and the date codes are correct....and the condition and originality of this car speaks for itself. BUILD SHEETS & TANK STICKERS Chevrolet started placing "build sheets" in cars in very late 1965 and early on in the 1966 Cars. In the passenger cars they were shoved under the back seat in the springs or sometimes were dropped inside a front or rear inner door panel. Corvette started gluing TANK STICKERS on the top side of the gas tank (facing the undercarriage) of Corvettes in 1966. I mention this just to clarify that none of this paperwork existed in 1962 for Chevrolet Passenger cars or Corvettes.

This 409 cranks up the first time...every time. We are only using Premium Fuel and I would suggest the new owner does the same.

This complete engine was rebuilt according to the previous owner approximately 3000 miles ago. It does not produce any smoke out of the exhausts...even if the car is not started for several weeks.

As most of you know, if a car's engine emits white smoke out of either tailpipe, it probably has a blown head gasket...or possibly even worse.

The engine oil is clean and was changed according to the previous owner approx. 1500 miles ago. One thing you NEVER want to see when checking a car's oil, is a milky white appearance...if so...you have water in the oil and that can be a serious problem

If a car sits for a couple of days and you see blue smoke when you start the engine...it could be bad rings, bad valve seals...or possibly even worse.

If you see black smoke...it most often indicates the fuel mixture is too rich.

In summary...this car is a NON-SMOKER!

The compression is very strong on all cylinders. This solid lifter version with the factory hi-lift camshaft is rated at 11:0 to 1.

We would suggest you not only use premium fuel wise but to also add an octane booster or additive to your tank every other time you fill up. If you plan on not using the car for 3-4 months or more it is a could idea to add a fuel system protective additive like Stabil

If on a smooth level highway and the car is pointed straight ahead, you can take you hands off the steering wheel and the car tracks perfectly straight.

We checked for any fuel leaks and could not find any. We drove the car to warm everything up to operating temperature and then parked the car inside the garage with newspaper underneath the car. After two days we checked for any oil, gas, water, transmission, oil pan and rear end leaks and none were detected.

This is unusual as most cars that are 20/30/40/50 years old or older do have some type of slight leakage after running them...not to say that this car won't develop "the drips" in the future but at this time you could park it in your living room.

The clutch is nice and tight and catches slightly more than 1" off the floor which is correct. There are no annoying throw out bearing noises or grinding of gears when shifting this "bad boy" and I found all synchros to be in excellent working order and this car shifts silky smooth both up and down through all the gears.

Finally, with regards to the operation of the transmission...it does NOT "Pop Out" of any gear by itself...If you have a 4/speed from this era that does that...you most likely have a problem with the synchronizing drum, sychros, clutch or even worn gears in your transmission. This car shifts flawlessly up.....and down thru all the gears. No gear noise or gear whine in any gears...including reverse.

I know I have already mentioned this but I want to say one more time that the fit on the car is INCREDIBLE...the doors open and close with one finger. The hood, trunk, doors windows, etc. all align up nicely and the convertible top fits EXCELLENT.

Since restored, I don't think this car has spent a single night outdoors...so one should not consider buying a car like this unless you have a garage to keep it safe and dry.

I have seen cars restored that looked great for 2 or 3 years...but after the passage of time...various issues began to show up...not the case with this breathtaking 409 Impala Convertible. All the floor pans and trunk pan are original, nbsp;solid & in excellent condition! This car was repainted only one time and it was done twenty years ago.

If you were told it was done a year ago, you would believe it.

There is no such thing as a perfectly restored car that is 53 years old but I am positive this car will delight any car lover and car collector. It can win 1st place in car shows under many categories.....to name a few....Most Original..... Best Survivor....Best of Show.

This car did not have a frame-off restoration...nor did it need it.

It was professionally painted, a new top and carpets installed, the front and rear seats recovered and the engine and transmission were rebuilt. We believe the padded dash and both the front door panels and rear interior side panels are original. The convertible boot also looks like the original one that came with the car.

It turns heads and causes a sensation where ever you drive it!

I would challenge anyone to find a nicer, straighter, better running 1962 409/409, 4/speed Impala Convertible than this car, and for this amount of money....you won't be disappointed in the way this car looks and drives!

Any car lover, guy or gal, would be proud to own this great looking and running Impala convertible. I drove it with very light pressure on the pedal as it doesn't take much of a nudge on the gas pedal to light up the tires.

Shipping: If you need help shipping this car in the U.S. or anywhere else in this world, I will be happy to put you in direct contact with Mary Olson who has been our sole shipping person for not only us, but for several of my friends who own car museums. She is honest, reliable, dependable and gives great personal service. She has arranged shipping for myself and several of my friends of more than 3000 cars over the past 10 years.

Twenty First Century Auctions has been selling fine Late model sports cars, vintage and collectible cars on EBAYMOTORS since March of 2000 and we have a 100% feedback rating.

Even in this very tough economic times where real estate has tumbled down a very steep hill....vintage cars...the real ones...the pedigreed cars in great restored or near perfect original condition continue to hold value and in most instances appreciate.

Why not have fun with your money? ...enjoy your life and know that when you wake up in the morning your dollars are still safe in your garage or warehouse and haven't evaporated into thin air

I was privileged to be close friends with the late Jerry J. Moore from Houston, nbsp;Texas. Jerry was a Real Estate Mogul and one of the largest owners of shopping centers in the world.

Jerry was also an avid car collector and amassed one of the largest and best vintage car collections on the Planet.

If Jerry told me once....he probably told me over 100 times......"In case you forgot...remember..."You will never see a Brinks truck at a funeral service or a Hearse with a luggage rack at a cemetery!"

Car collecting is a family thing...everyone around the world admires and loves these great vintage and collectible cars.

We have sold cars from Australia to Alaska...From China to Saudi Arabia.....From Manhattan to Moscow....and the hobby keeps growing & expanding all the time.

Collector car insurance is dirt cheap...about $250-$300 a year for a quality collectible like this. and you can also buy full coverage!

They usually require a garage and not more than 2500 miles a year put on the car.

I recommend you only buy a car like this if you have a garage to keep it in.

I always try and look for major flaws and mention them and try to point them out when I see something.

Your welcome to come in person to inspect this car for yourself...hire anyone you like to come on your behalf....bring your Experts and magnifying glasses........see if you can find anything negative worth mentioning...we tried and couldn't find anything other than what we stated in the description...maybe you can?

We have tried diligently to find any MAJOR flaws in the paint, body, interior, mechanical or electrical systems and have not been able to locate anything that we could list as a MAJOR problem in the description or that we haven't already mentioned.

I truly believe there is NO such thing as a "PERFECT" old car or even a late model car that has been driven, WE ARE NOT making such a claim.....but this car comes close to perfection...ESPECIALLY when you consider it is Forty Nine Years Old !

We are urging you to PLEASE come and inspect the car in person, drive it or to hire an expert inspector to do this for you. AGAIN....Please do not ask us to recommend anyone....we want you to select & hire your own inspector.

If you wish to schedule an appointment to see this car, please call me at 954-873-6495....We would appreciate at least a one-two day notice. The car is kept inside a private garage in South Miami, L and is currently not being driven...it is started, driven a few miles if it's a beautiful SUNNY day and allowed to warm up at least once a week.

This car is owned free and clear. After you speak with us on the phone, it is possible to have a scanned copy sent directly to you.

We know this is a Platinum investment collectable car..this is a car that you can still drive & enjoy and will increase in value...not decrease in value.....and if you chose to...you could drive it every day. We feel very strongly that a car like this will not only hold its value but in years to come will continue to appreciate.

Please don't buy a Museum quality car like this unless you have a garage to store it inside. We do not think this car has ever been left outside.

You can look at this car in bright outdoor sunlight or indoors under halogen or florescent light...it still looks spectacular....but don't take our word...PLEASE...come and check it out yourself. I personally don't like surprises and it's our goal not to give you any....this is a NO DISAPPOINTMENT collectible classic Chevy!!!

We don't "play games" We love when a car is inspected prior to meeting the reserve. We have no secrets and are proud of our 100% feedback rating...we have been selling great cars like this for more than 15 years on Ebaymotors.com.

Please...do not e-mail us and ask "What is your reserve"

Just call us and we can discuss money...the car...a trade...or whatever is on your mind.

This car is also being advertised and marketed in other forms of media and if sold prior to having met it's reserve price and a deposit received, we reserve the right to cancel and end the auction early. Should the reserve price be met prior to having received a deposit, we WILL NOT end the auction early and the highest ending bidder will own this incredible piece of automotive art and Chevrolet automotive history.

Instead call me at 954-873-6495 ....even if your calling from Australia, urope or Japan. We will not e-mail you the reserve but will discuss it with you on the phone!

We are all car guys that are very easy to speak with...no Prima Donnas at this end...just car lovers that do this for the fun and passion of loving our hobby...for the past 50+ years!

We really do love the cars...a lot more than the $.

Once you speak with us...you'll agree...we are sincere and dedicated to this eternal love affair with the automobile

The reserve is set at a very, very fair number...if you wish to discuss the amount

please don't write and ask "What is the reserve price"

Instead...please call us at 954-873-6495 ..... Anytime between 9:00 am EST and 8:00pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday thru Sunday would be great. I will not e-mail you what the lowest acceptable price is so PLEASE don't write and ask this question. In the past we would e-mail reserve prices but after this confidential information began to appear on blogs and in chat rooms, we decided to refrain from this practice. We will gladly give you this information on the phone!

As with all of our fine cars...we invite your and urge your personal inspection. If you see it....and drive it...you will buy it!

SHIPPING: Many of my friends and fellow collectors have shipped literally 1000's of cars over the past many years...all with a great gal named Mary Olson who owns Crossroads Transport...I will be happy to give you her e-mail & telephone & connect you up on a DIRECT basis with Mary and she can handle any shipping needs...this car should be shipped ENCLOSED!

OUT-OF-THE-USA SHIPPING: Over the past 50 years I have shipped cars to more than 40 countries...I can put you in contact with the right people who will give you great service at a fair price.

For financing...try www.jjbest.com or www.woodsidecredit.com

If you have a trade...please e-mail us at luvdg@aol.com a complete set of photos....details and a phone number.Also, we have contact with shippers throughout the U.S. and WORLDWIDE...We will be happy to assist you.


We accept most anything in trade but please, NO Motorcycles, Hot Rods, Street Rods, Rest-o-rods, Kit Cars, Replicas, Clones, Boats, Airplanes, Jewelry, Motor homes, Real Estate, elicopters, Submarines, Stamps, oins or unregistered stock, etc.

We will only accept cars of the quality, correctness and authenticity that we sell.

We will consider any nice vintage or antique car or late model Luxury car with a clean CARFAX & CARCHECK report. Please call us first and discuss this with us..and if we have an interest, we would then have you e-mail a complete set of photos and details.

E-MAIL the photos of your trade or trades to luvdg@aol.com

Thanks and best of luck!

Please write or call for more details....

If you are interested in this vehicle, please call us at (954) 873-6495 and we will stand next to the car and go over everything with you in great detail...there will be NO surprises...or better yet...come and inspect it yourself. (appointment a day or two in advance is required)

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There is no such thing as a "PERFECT" car...especially when dealing with vintage cars that are 25, 5 and even 50 years old.

Arranging for an independent third-party inspection is a great way to validate a seller's claims about a vehicle's condition. There are many companies and individuals who offer such a service. Of course your personal inspection and scrutiny are suggested and most welcomed.

The seller has made a diligent effort to accurately describe this vehicle but does not expressly or implicitly guarantee the accuracy of the above description.

Bidders and prospective purchasers are urged and cautioned to conduct their own due diligence, including a physical inspection in person or through a qualified third party inspector or appraiser, before contemplating a purchase or making a bid on this vehicle.In fact, we would welcome and encourage such an inspection, and will make every effort to make the above described vehicle available at a time convenient to the perspective purchaser or their agents

We charge NO fees of any type. NONE!

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Required payment is 20% within 72 hours and the balance in full within 7 days thereafter.If you buy a car from us and are not happy with something that is major in nature, please call us and let us know. If we feel it's our fault, we are only too happy to discuss making a possible adjustment on the final agreed price.

Building the 62 Chevy in the world's largest auto plant! 1962 Chevrolet Engine Assembly Plant 1962 Chevrolets moving down the line 1 hour later completed 1962 Chevrolet is finished.After inspection, oaded on carriers, hipped to dealers

This In Service Warranty sticker is on the inside of the glove box door and was put here by the delivering dealer, Byrne Bros. Chevrolet in White Plains, NY on March 9th, 1962. This dealership was known for specializing in high performance Chevrolets, Corvettes and later Camaros and Chevelles.

Photo taken by previous owner. Up on a lift for a Oil, Filter and Lube in Summer of 2013.

Photo taken by Paul on 2/8/2012, who was the previous owner showing TO214QB on front of block. Translates to TO=Made in Tonawanda, NY., 214=Made on February 14th (1962) and QB= 409/409hp with dual 4bbl carbs. Upon taking the photo, entire front of block professionally repainted correct Chevrolet engine orange. At this point Paul was only thinking about the possibility of selling his car...but had not reach a decision at that time. It wasn't until late 2014 that he decided to sell the car in 2015.