Real Survivor, Mostly original & unrestored. Owned by same family for

Price: US $29,700.00 Item location: Hamilton, Ohio, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: Bel Air/150/210
  • SubModel: 2 Door Hardtop
  • Trim: 2 Door Hardtop
  • Year: 1957
  • Mileage: 27,706
  • VIN: VC57F151285
  • Color: Matador Red
  • Engine size: 283 C.I.
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Transmission: Automatic Powerglide
  • Drive type: (RWD)
  • Interior color: Red
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1957 Chevrolet Bel Air/150/210 2 Door Hardtop

1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air 2-Door Hardtop

Real Survivor, ostly original & unrestored. Owned by same family for approximately 47 years, 7K actual mileage

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This car is truly a remarkable preservation of what was such an iconic, istinctive, nique car and color combination in the automotive world. Its original unrestored condition is just unbelievable! It is so rare that we run across someone that is so meticulous and has purchased a car so many years ago that they actually know its history, nd can speak factually without relying on anybody else.


*Power pack option (4bbl and dual exhaust)

*Powerglide auto trans

*Two tone paint

*Power steering

*Power brakes

* Electric wipers and washers

*Deluxe push button radio

*Deluxe heater

*Back up lights

*EZ eye tinted windshield and glass

*Spinner caps

*Rubber bumper tips

*Gold License frames (front and back)

*Original T3 headlights, igh and low beams work on both.

*Original chrome locking gas cap

* Original oil filter canister for a P131 filer

* Door handle shields

*Trunk luggage light

*Bug shield (yes, 957 factory available)

*Factory premium floor mats

*Wheel spinner hubcaps

*Electric windshield wiper ( with push button washer system)

*Door edge guards

Buyer are required- To do their own research to verify the researched codes below are correct.

Vin, eck, owl Tag Information-

Vin #- (Decipher)


C- Bel-Air

57- Year

F- Flint Michigan

676- Black and red trim

819- India Ivory and Matador Red

FC- Power-Glide 4BB carburetor


*The paint is an original lacquer style paint, nd without a question is extremely smooth and extremely shiny.

*Paint seems to match well all the way around.

*In looking at the car you don't find any traces of a repaint. Its hard to believe till you see it in person(or zoom in on pictures) how well its retained its finish and shine, nd the typical smooth lacquer look.

*Many of the panels have a few nicks that were brushed touched over the years. A few thin edges do exist. The example pictures show on the corner of both sides of the hood.

(a minor scraping of the right rear wheel opening paint)

* Being extremely critical, he front part of the hood and around the trunk area is starting to experience some lacquer checking that typically develops on older paint.

* Mirrors on front fenders were removed 15-20 years ago and required light work.


*This car is about the finest example of an original body that I have seen.

* The fits of the trunk, ood, nd doors is as they were in the day.

* The body seems to be completely free of any type of damage or dents on any of the panels.

*The top surfaces are very smooth and straight.

* The sides are not laser straight, ypical of that era of build.

Magnetic Paint Gage-

*Because of the owners explanation about original paint, e randomly sampled 4 to 5 or more spots on each panel of the car to take readings.

* We payed attention to rust prone areas on cars of this era. Meaning wheel lips, ower quarters, oor corners, ower front fenders, ockers, eadlights area etc. to look for irregularities in the reading.

* Amazingly what we found using a spring assisted paint gauge was the paint is 3-5 thousands range. On the upper sides, ood, oof, nd trunk and surrounding horizontal panels to be a couple thousands higher. Very typical of factory painting.

*We did not find any areas of major irregularity.

* We try to find reading that would argue the originality of the paint and we were unsuccessful.

Bright work-

Windows and surrounding areas-

*The bright work surrounding the window areas is all secured properly.

*No noticeable damage and almost no wear showing.

*Its unbelievable how fresh and unaged the rubber looks surrounding windows.

* The original window guards show very little wear.

Fins and bright work on the side of the car-

*The fins and side of the car shows no damage and are mounted very securely and shows almost no wear at all.

*Just being extremely critical, he two chrome pieces on the hood have a couple little specks of pitting that has developed, nd the under side of the bumper on the left front there is a spot where the chrome is thin. (see pics)

* The owner stated that to the best of his knowledge, he bumpers are all original. (see pictures) Yet again just remarkable condition!


*The glass condition is truly remarkable.

*All the side windows, ents, ront and rear glass, ll say and are marked with the safety plate LOF and says EZ eye.

* It would be the owners thoughts that the glass is all original, nd the owner knows that in the last 47 years he has had no replacements.

* You can clearly see by looking at the rubber around the rear window, nd the package shelf the originality of this car.

* The glass also all seems very clear without any discoloring or delimitation around the edges.

* We do not see any bull eyes, racks, r wiper marks, nd at the very most a few pin head size or smaller nicks from being driven.


*This is probably the most amazing older interior that I have seen in a car this age.

* The owner stated this is the same interior that was in it 45 plus years ago when he bought it. It was known to be original then and he has not replaced anything.

*The headliner is all intact and the seams look good without damage.

*The sunshades tilt down and back up. The material is all intact with the structure inside being solid, nd color being similar to the headliner.

* The only thing on the interior that is believed not original would be the key chain, he hanging flag from the heater, nd the rubber floor mats.

* Seats have a clear plastic vinyl cover, hich is believed to be dealership installed when car was new or shortly after.

* The bright work emblems, nobs, tc are like going back in time. They are so unbelievably preserved. Please look close at pictures and zoom in.

* The clock actually works and so does the radio. Owner commented that you will see the glove box door does not match perfectly, nd that is exactly how car originally came. Its his understanding that not all items were painted at the same time and place.


*Car has original mat, ack, quipment, nd spare tire. (see picture)

*See the original jacking instructions behind the spare. ( you can see it has yellowed and shows its age)

Tires and Wheels-

* BF Goodrich Silvertown tubeless with large whitewall.

* Tires show very little age with no signs of cracking.

*Do not see any type of damage to the rims or the hubcaps of any type.

* The orange paint is in like new condition and the bright work of the hubcap is without flaws.

Left Front- 8.00-14 10/32 Right Front- 8.00-14 10/32

Left Rear- 8.00-14 10/32 Right Rear- 8.00-14 10/32

Engine and Transmission-

*The engine area is believed to look just as it would have when it was originally built.

The exception being an insect screen that is temporarily mounted just in front of the radiator to protect it.

*The owner in his 45 plus years has had battery replacements, ut is the original style.

*He has had the vacuum and radiator hose replaced just for reliability. You can see in the pictures the old ones that he has kept. Pay attention to the factory inspection cowl markings behind the distributor.


* On the frame we did not find any indications of rust perforation.

* It all appears to be solid.

* Its been left all natural to age on its own and you can see its had very minimal exposure.

Just some slight surface rust here and there.

*Please pay attention to the pictures and a review of the rockers inside and out, nd the attached structure. I did not see any where that looked like there was rust perforation.

*There is a little bit of light seepage and maybe a drip here or there once in a while from the section were the engine and transmission come together. Also a little seepage at the rear of the transmission. (see pictures)


*All four crank windows and vent windows work

*Radio and Clock work.

*Rear parking lights work

*Brake lights work

*Left and right turn signal work (front and rear)

*Two back up lights work

*License plate light work

* Horn works

*Hood, runk, nd the doors open and close properly.

*Factory undercoat owner believes done by dealer.

*283 engine with 4 barrel and dual exhaust known as the power pack option, ith a power-glide two speed transmission.

*Owner has had car for almost 47 years, nd said there are no reproduction parts on the car with the exception of the fan belts, adiator hoses, xhaust system, nd tires. (exhaust is now stainless steel)

*Car has original factory seat covers that have been on the car as long as he has owned it and believe may have been installed when car was new.

*Carpet is original.

*Pay close attention to the treads and materials, loth on the doors, s well as the arm rest. There is very little wear.

*The tube that runs from the exhaust manifold to warm up the carburetor has a heat choke tube cover, nd it is original.

*Has factory style fuel filter and bowl set up that is in front of the carburetor, nd has a recently replaced filter.

Test Drive-

Chad rode with owner approx 5-8 miles and Chad had drove it back. The car steered very correctly. Engine starts and runs properly when warmed up. Car accelerates and decelerates as it should. The engine transmission up shifts and down shifts properly, ncluding reverse. The brakes stop and preform as a power brake should. Brakes do not pull left or right and no pulsation. Car drives very “tight” without rattles.

Yearly- the owner changes oil, ew filter, olfs Head 15W-40, reases and checks fluids.

Several times over the years – flushed cooling system, hanged transmission fluid.

Four times over the years - Had carburetor rebuilt, nd brake fluid changed.

Fuel- Owner uses premium fuel and a lead additive

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