Partially restored coupe with M-20 Muncie transmission

Price: US $15,000.00 Item location: San Jose, California, United States
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: Corvette
  • SubModel: LT-1 (undocumented)
  • Type: Coupe
  • Trim: LT-1 (undocumented)
  • Year: 1971
  • Mileage: 999999
  • VIN: 194371S105953
  • Color: Silver
  • Engine size: 350
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Black
  • Drive side: Right-hand drive
  • Options: Leather Seats
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1971 Chevrolet Corvette LT-1 (undocumented)

1971 Corvette LT-1 coupe (undocumented and unverified LT-1 model status) partially restored - built Jan 8, 1971 St. Louis, MO350 crate engine installed currently (needs tune up)1971 350 LT-1 included - code correct LT-1, not numbers matching, non-original to this car (uninstalled)Muncie 4 speed transmission M-20 (runs but needs rebuild)M-22 rebuild kit with gears and shaft included (uninstalled)Tilt/Telescoping steering column included (uninstalled)New interior - leather seats and new carpetNew suspension and steeringNew mufflers and battery17 inch tires and wheelsOriginal trim 417 saddle interior - now blackOriginal paint 987 ontario orange - now silverNeeds paint and rear quarter workSome bubbles in paintCar needs tune-up
LT-1 Documentation list - These items need verification
1st. No 1970 or 1971 LT-1 had A/C
2nd. Emmission sticker on fire wall behind master cylinder should have letters AX on upper left corner for a 71.
3rd. All LT-1's are 4 speeds. (M20 was st, M21/M22 were optional)
4th. Tach has 6,500 RPM red line on 1970 & 1971 and on 72's w/o AC
5th. All 71 LT-1's came with A.I.R. system. If removed should still have manifolds with holes for the tubes, Car may have headers and if so ask to see old manifolds.
6th. LT-1's had copper radiator W/O a overflow canisiter on the passanger side fenderwell. There should also be no holes whers one had been mounted.

7th. All 70 / 71 LT-1's had Tranisitor Ign. system. That may have been removed. But if it is removed look for the 3 holes on the front face of the driver side inner fender well where the Amplifer box was mounter.
Take a flashlight and look in front of the front wheel or open hood and look at it from the front side. 2 holes on bottom and 1 on top.

8th. Should have a Winters snowflake intake manifold with casting # 3959594

9th. LT-1's had a Holley carb. so there is only 1 fuel lin, no return line like a quadra-jet carb. Look along frame rail on passanger side for the single line. Also the fuel tank is different. There should be no nipple on the passanger side, side wall for a return line.
If you lay on your back under the rear wheel you can reach your hand up and feel for an indention on the passanger side. If there is a nipple that is capped of, then beware.
Also the single fuel line on a LT-1 was not the same line that was used to feed fuel on the 2 line set up. So if someone removed the return line the look of the 3/8 line is still different. Not a big difference but if you can look at a car with a 2 line set up then you can see what you do not want to find.
10th. LT-1's had solid lifter, but if the car does not then that is not to big a red flag. Many people do not like them and may have replaced with HYD. lifters during a rebuild.

11th. The hardest to fake and most expensive would be the 4 bolt main block. No # on the outside of the block can verify this.
Only way to verify is to remove the pan or have a lighted optical viewer and remove the drain plug.

12th. LT-1's use 2.5" exhaust pipes like the big block cars. But the manifolds were still 2" set up. So the pipes flair from 2 to 2.5" about 6 inches from the manifold. The exhaust hangar at the trans is also different. Look on line at the Corvette Central site and you can see both 2" and 2.5" hangars.
13th. As I recall the highest rear end gear was 3:36 if trans was a M20
And id Trans was a M21 or M22 the 3:55 was highest gear
M20 3:36 Economy
3:55 Standard
3:70 Performance

M21 / M22
3:55 Economy
3:70 Standard
4:11 Performance
14th. The 71 /71 LT-1 Aluminum valve covers should have a rubber oil cap not a twist in. These covers are very hard to find. All the catalouges sell the twist in cap style.
15th. LT-1's have the same heavy duty half shaft retainers as big block cars. look at the rear end side yokes, there should be caps with bolts. Base cars used U bolts with nuts.
16th. The rocker arms have a letter O stamped in them.
17th. The balancer on the crankshaft is an 8" unit not a 6"

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Additional info:
Odometer reads 138,387 miles exactly
From the condition of the car I believe that is accurate and original mileage.The car runs but needs a tune-up despearately. I changed the plugs and put in the wrong ones, my bad.The Muncie trans works OK but first gear syncros are toast. Like I said I have a full M-22 upgrade rebuild kitcomplete with gears and shaft, etc.
The interior is 80% redone and looks nice. The lights lite up but do not open up.Same for the wipers and the wiper door near the hood. The gauges did work until the shop did the interior work.I think they disconnected the wiring harness for the instrument cluster. The back portion of the exhaust system,suspension and steering box was redonelast year along with the interior redo. Rides well with the new suspension and new HD springs.
I also have a redone tilt/tele steering column ready to install. The code matching, date correct, 1971LT-1 350 engine is also included. (186 heads) This engine is not numbers matching and is notoriginal to this particular car. As I stated earlier the LT-1 model status of this car is unconfirmed and undocumented at this time. Many items do match and I do think it is an original LT-1 model possibly.

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1971 LT-1 350 engine pad code (spare engine - uninstalled) with partial VIN:
C11S103583 V1130CGZ (matching date engine code, non-matching numbers block)
3970010 block ID

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MORE needed LT-1 parts list items to verify:
CGZ is LT-, but is that original?
Nothing in the VIN tells anything
The tach face can be replaced with a 6,500 face.
I suggest you pull the oil pan and see if it is a 4 bolt main.
Also the emission sticker behind thebrakeboostershould have AX
Check right side wall of fuel tan, reach hand up and feel for concave portio, is there a nipple ? If so that is a base car tan, If no nipple then that is a LT-1 / LS6 tank
Are there heavy duty caps on the rearend side yokes?
With a M21 rear end ratio should be 3:55 / 3:70 / 4:11
car would tach no less than ~2,650 @ 60 mph with 225/70 tires
look at the driver side front fender well by opening the hoo, there should be T.I. ingition amplifer or if it was removed then the 3 bolt holes should be there. 2 holes low and 1 hole at top.

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Serial Number Decoder

11Chevrolet Division
29Body Series: Corvette
34Engine: V-8
4 & 567Convertible
4 & 537Coupe
7SAssembled in St. Louis, MO
8 to 13100001 to 121801Production Sequence

Engine Serial Number Decoder
1971 Corvette engines have the last six digits of the VIN stamped on the block after the engine number
1 to 70001001Sequential Production Number
8F or TFlint, MI or Tonawanda, NY
9 to 11CJLCarburetion & Transmission350-cid 270-hp V-88.9:1manualfour-barrel
9 to 11CGTCarburetion & Transmission350-cid 270-hp V-88.5:1THM-400 automaticfour-barrel
9 to 11CJKCarburetion & Transmission350-cid 270-hp V-88.5:1THM-400 automaticfour-barrel
9 to 11CGZCarburetion & Transmission350-cid 330-hp V-89.0:1ManualFour-barrel
9 to 11CGKCarburetion & Transmission350-cid 330-hp V-89.0:1THM-400 AutomaticFour-barrel
9 to 11CPHCarburetion & Transmission454-cid 365-hp V-88.5:1ManualFour-barrel
9 to 11CPJCarburetion & Transmission454-cid 365-hp V-88.5:1THM-400 AutomaticFour-barrel
9 to 11CPWCarburetion & Transmission454-cid 425-hp V-89.0:1ManualFour-barrel
9 to 11CPXCarburetion & Transmission454-cid 425-hp V-89.0:1THM-400 AutomaticFour-barrel

The body number plate is located on the engine side of the cowl. The Fisher Body Style Number identifies the model of Corvette. 71-19467 - Corvette Sting Ray convertible 71-19437 - Corvette Sting Ray coupe The body number is the serial number of the body. The trim number represents the color of the interior, the paint color is the exterior paint color.
Production Options
19437Base Coupe$5,496.0014,68067.3%
19467Base Convertible$5,259.007,12132.7%
N/ACustom Interior Trim$158.002,60211.9%
A31Power Windows$79.006,19128.4%
A85Custom Shoulder Belts (std. w/ coupe)$42.006773.1%
C07Auxiliary Hardtop (Convert.)$274.002,61912.0%
C08Vinyl Covering for Aux. Hardtop$63.008323.8%
C50Rear Window Defroster$42.001,5987.3%
C60Air Conditioning$459.0011,48152.7%
N/AOptional Rear Axle$13.002,39511.0%
J50Power Brakes$47.0013,55862.2%
LS5454ci, 365hp Engine$295.005,09723.4%
LS6454ci, 425hp Engine$1,221.001880.9%
LT1350ci, 330hp Engine$483.001,9498.9%
M214 Speed Manual, Close Ratio Transmission$0.002,38710.9%
M224 Speed Manual, Close Ratio, Heavy Duty Transmission (Rock Crusher)$100.001300.6%
M40Turbo Hydra-Matic Automatic Transmission$0.0010,06046.1%
N37Tilt-Telescopic Steering Column$84.308,13037.3%
N40Power Steering$115.9017,90482.1%
P02Deluxe Wheel Cover$63.003,00713.8%
PT7White Line Tires F70 x 15$28.006,71130.8%
PU9White Letter Tires F70 x 15$42.0012,44957.1%
T60Heavy Duty Battery (std. w/ LS5)$15.801,4556.7%
UA6Alarm System$31.608,50139.0%
U69AM/FM Radio$178.0018,07882.9%
U79AM/FM Radio Stereo$283.003,43115.7%
ZR1Special Purpose LT1 Engine Package$1,010.0080.0%
ZR2Special Purpose LS6 Engine Package$1,747.00120.1%

Color Options for 1971
Interior options for exterior colors are suggested by Chevrolet. Any combination could be ordered.RPOColorCostSoft Top ColorInterior ColorTotalProd.%
905Nevada Silver$0.00B/WB-DB-DG-RN/AN/A
912Sunflower Yellow$0.00B/WB-DG-SN/AN/A
972Classic White$0.00B/WB-DB-DG-R-SN/AN/A
973Mille Miglia Red$0.00B/WB-RN/AN/A
976Mulsanne Blue$0.00B/WB-DBN/AN/A
979Bridgehampton Blue$0.00B/WB-DBN/AN/A
983Brands Hatch Green$0.00B/WB-DGN/AN/A
987Ontario Orange$0.00B/WB-DG-SN/AN/A
988Steel Cities Gray$0.00B/WB-SN/AN/A
989War Bonnet Yellow$0.00B/WB-DG-SN/AN/A
Color Codes: B=Black, DB=Dark Blue, DG=Dark Green, L=Leather, R=Red, S=Saddle, V=Vinyl, W=White
Interior Colors
400Black Vinyl$0.00N/AN/A
403Black Leather$0.00N/AN/A
414Brown Vinyl$0.00N/AN/A
412Dark Blue Vinyl$0.00N/AN/A
423Dark Green Vinyl$0.00N/AN/A
407Red Vinyl$0.00N/AN/A
417Saddle Vinyl$0.00N/AN/A
420Saddle Leather$0.00N/AN/A

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Misc additional info:
All new springs and shocks on all four corners, new HD coil springs up front (F41) and HD racing leaf springs in the rear (F41+).

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Body condition - fair, needs work
Just to be clear the body does need work. On the drivers rear quarter panel where there is a 3 foot long, open separation/tear in the fiberglass on the wheel arch bodywork. There are some minor, small cracking issues on the front end nose as well. There are some large bubbles also in the paint. The paint is somewhat passable when clean but the car could use a new paint job of course.
The silver paint is also in fair condition as well. In some spots under the hood and in the door jams you can clearly see traces of the factory original Ontario Orange paint. This may help document the cars originality and model status though being that the LT-1 hood has the original factory paint on it under the silver and black.
The car has the LT-1 engine data plate by the shifter as well as the LT-1 hood and the 6500 tach.

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If you have any questions or answers please just let me know. The car can be seen locally as well if you are in the SF Bay Area. I am located in San Jose, CA. Although I have had a great response to this ad please know that I am not interested in any TRADES.
I appreciate any and all interest but I cannot consider anything other than an all cash deal currently. Just so you know I am an open and transparent seller and I have and will continue to represent this vehicle in an honest and well detailed manner to the best of my ability.
I am not a car expert or auto mechanic guru by any means and the car is being sold in AS-IS condition.My feedback rating speaks for itself I would have to say. The reserve is well below my $25K investment in the car so it is definitely priced to SELL!Many thanks and happy bidding!

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Registration - Clean title
The car is currently registered and insured with a clean CA title in my name.

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Restoration history -Purchase price and restoration
I have had the car for just few years. I bought it for about the buy it now price and then spent about $5K on the interior and another $5K on the suspension rebuild. Like I stated earlier I have many spares for the car that go with it: 1971 CGZ code - LT-1 350 engine, M-22 upgrade/rebuild kit, Tilt/Tele steering column, wood steering wheel, wiring harness kit, etc. My total out of pocket investment including the original purchase price is about $25,000+. I am asking about half of that so this diamond in the rough is really quite a deal!

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Additional photos of car, engine and spare LT-1 engine CGZ: