ORIGINAL 1962 Chevrolet Chevy II Nova *** UNRESERVED ***. BARN FIND survivor

Price: - Item location: Great Falls, Montana, United States
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: Nova
  • Year: 1962
  • Mileage: 55805
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1962 Chevrolet Nova

Private sale of1962Chevrolet Chevy II Nova.
Very low mileageONLY 55,000 miles ORIGINAL,
Car currently located in Calgary Alberta Canada(approximately 3 hours directly north of Montana).(Ebay does not have provision for people with multiple residences).
There are NO import/export restrictions. Please don't write to me asking what is involved with bringing this car to the States. Answer is simple, nothing.... It requires nothing at all. It is antique status, domestic build, and free to travel.

We bought this car on a whim from a friend. He got it from the estate of his wife’s late grandfather and kept it in a barn for 16 years. An upcoming move prompted his sale to us. Previous to that, it was in a barn from, as close we can tell, from the early’70’s. Story is, he had won the car in a poker game. Although the car was never really used, it was moved aroundoccasionally. This kept it in operational order. We love old cars and have a small collection. We’ve downsized but, couldn’t resist this little gem. There is some documentation to support the mileage but, I think you can clearly see that it has only 55,805 miles.
When the appraiser was looking over this car and doing a breakdown of the numbers and production dates, he discovered that this car was in fact, a very early production model made in 1961. He stated it could possibly be the earliest of these in existence.
Although it is not perfect, it is one of the darned best survivor cars I have ever seen. This car is absolutely as nice as can ever be discovered. Being kept in a barn all these years preserved it nicely. Being kept indoors plus having it covered, kept it even nicer. It is truly remarkable.
Now, although the longtime barn storage preserved the car remarkably…. Unfortunately for us (fortunate for a lucky buyer), it also makes me unbearably allergic. Since buying the car, we’ve discovered I am terribly allergic to it. Years ago, I was asked to attend a horse jumping event. I did. I also left in the back of an ambulance. Until that day, I was never near a horse, or a barn. Since then, I’ve stayed away from horses….Far far away. That is, until we bought this car. We took it to have the interior shampooed thoroughly-thoroughly. We also paid hourly to have everythingdismantled and intensely steamed. Nothing’s helped. I still can’t go around the car. The other day, I got brave and took it to our other place to store there. I thought I’d be okay if I drove with the windows down. Well, I wasn’t. The fast moving air must’ve disturbed the allergens even more. 3 days later and my head still feels like it weighs 200 pounds. Ughhhh
As far as running and driving condition, well…. It’s absolutely every bit as good as it looks; which is fabulous! Anything the car needed to pass stringent inspection, it got. It’s really a blast to drive.
I don’t see any visible rust on this car. Sure there’s some on bolt heads and exhaust clamps but, that’s normal. To say there’s absolutely zero rust would be a misnomer. What I am trying to say is there’s nothing corrosive that will be an issue to this car’s integrity or physical appearance. Nothing on the body, and nothing underneath. This car is a surprise in so many regards. Just a fantastic little classic.
This isn’t a sale because we want the car sold. It’s being sold because it has to go. As such, it’s unreserved.
Auction starting price is 250 dollars. Asides from helping arrange your shipping, I have no time to take 99 more pictures, or have 2-hour long conversations. I don't have time to take even 1 single solitary additional picture, then load and send it; please don't ask. It's probably a misnomer to say I don't care about price, but I am knowingly sacrificing dollars to put more emphasis on a hassle-free and quick sale. As such, I am not going to get into long drawn out discussions as to whether it's a 6.5/10 condition, or 7/10. Let's just call this a 1/10. Perspectives vary so, for ease of sale, please disregard everything else and assume this car is an awful wreck salvage-value project vehicle that is needing everything. My goal is to avoid insincere and zero-feedback bidders who will not follow through with their commitment. My other goal is to find somebody genuine, who will really appreciate this really nice little car.Also, very important….review our feedback please.Each is for a 40+ year old vehicle!
During our time on eBay, we've figured out2 very important things arecommunicationandprocedure. We have a little procedure. Our little procedure focuses on communication. It goes as follows:
  • After auction, we ask for your buyer's information.
    • You supply.
  • We fill in transfer papers and scan/send to you.
    • You confirm spelling and information correct.
  • You go to your bank, and send funds.
    • We validate receipt.
  • We begin on shipping,
    • ...keeping you informed every step..
  • You receive your cool vintage Chevy II Nova.
  • You leave us a fabulous feedback,
We're not interested in Paypal or deposits... I realize I'm somewhat the anti-salesman and have taken intentional strides to heavily under-represent this vehicle. That's fine. Of importance to us right now is a smooth sale to a genuine buyer. If you are bidding, please be serious as I am and understand our adherence to this little system/procedure. It's to help both of us. If, for any reason, you cannot adhere to this procedure, please let us know BEFORE BIDDING. OR,....IF YOU HAVE ZERO FEEDBACK OR ARE NEW TO EBAY YOU MUST CONTACT ME BEFORE BIDDING.Otherwise, I will cancel your bid.

DELIVERY:...to most states and destinations is in the $1500+ range. Please keep that in mind. Budget for at least this amount. Texas and Florida, and other far southeastern states, are obviously a bit more at minimum $2250-ish. Any required inspections, certifications, registrations, paperwork, or anything else are the buyer's responsibility. I don't know the rules in each particular state so, am selling as per Alberta rules. My wife has become pretty good at setting up shipping and, is happy to assist. Rest is up to you. Payment is by bank transfer, US account to US account. As stated, I don't ask for Paypal. Once payment is received, everything else is ready to proceed from there. I believe putting this car unreserved will easily make up for any shipping costs. Somebody's bound to get a heck of a deal.
PICKUP:....not really recommended. See our procedure. I'll elaborate. It’s a nearly 60 year old original car. Old vehicles are unpredictable by nature. I’m not the seller that’ll tell you that I wouldn’t hesitate to drive it across the country. As good as it is, I wont say that or make false promises. Besides….I've got 2 more vehicles to sell after this. I just simply will not risk someone being unhappy and wrecking my feedback.
CALLS:If you'd like to speak over the phone, I'm happy to hear from you. Please write and we'll make arrangements.
If you are fromOVERSEAS,please know we have shipped long distances many times. We are happy to assist. Since beginning to narrow down ourinadvertent collection a couple years ago, we've sold to England, France, Germany, Holland, Slovenia, as well as theMiddle East and New Zealand.

Ibelieve that covers everything.
Good luck and happy bidding!