1966 Chevrolet K20 Pickup

Price: - Item location: Helena, Montana, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: C/K Pickup 2500
  • Type: Standard Cab Pickup
  • Year: 1966
  • Mileage: 111111
  • VIN: K2546J137308
  • Color: Yellow/White
  • Engine size: 292 ci
  • Number of cylinders: 6
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: 4WD
  • Interior color: Gold
  • Drive side: Left-hand drive
  • Options: 4-Wheel Drive
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1966 Chevrolet C/K Pickup 2500


Year/Make/Model:1966 Chevrolet K20 Fleetside Pickup

Mileage:23,636 (I do not have documentation to confirm the mileage, but given the

history and original condition of the truck when I bought it, I'm

convinced the mileage is actual.)

Known History:

The truck was purchased new in 1966 by a rancher in South Dakota who died shortly after buying the truck. The neighboring rancher then bought the truck from the widow to help her financially.This second owner put a livestock rack on the truck and used it to occasionally haul calves to the sale barn, a short drive from the ranch, keeping the truck in a shed for the most part.He also put plywood and straw down on the bed floor, and cleaned it regularly, which prevented the wooden boards from deteriorating. The daughter of the second owner inherited the truck in 2004, but because she and her husband didn't need it, they decided to sell it.I became the fourth owner of the truck in August of 2004 and because the truck was infrequently used, it only had 18,000 miles showing on the odometer at that time and still had all of it's original parts including the coolant hoses, brake hoses, fuel lines, plug wires and most likely it's second set of tires and spark plugs.

I started refurbishing the truck shortly after purchasing it, but kept the original parts for future reference if parts become hard to find or to rebuild them in the future.In 2007, my wife and I moved to Oregon and then to Montana during which time I left the truck in covered storage in South Dakota for 5 years with mouse bait and moth balls and had a friend check on it.In 2013, in preparation for driving the truck to Montana, my Dad and I replaced the battery, alternator, did a tune-up, and then drove the truck 500 miles from South Dakota to Montana with no issues.Because my wife had a stroke in 2013, I parked the truck in our garage and have only driven it occasionally over the last 5 years—the truck now has 23,636 miles on it.I keep fuel stabilizer in the fuel system and have started the truck and allowed it to warm up regularly.I have maintained mouse bait in the truck and regularly checked it for mice since it has been in Montana.There was a small amount of mouse damage to the back of the seat and the fuel tank sending unit wire when I bought the truck in 2004, but there have been no other mouse issues since I've owned it.


The truck still has the original two-tone dark yellow body and steel wheels with ivory cab top, front-end trim, and mirrors.Some shine is left in the paint and can be brought out more with the use of a cleaner wax to remove oxidation.Paint is adhering well over the entire body, but has etching (it looks like a chemical was sprayed near the truck and left blue etching in the paint), and small areas of scratches, scuffs, rock chips, and surface rust on the body particularly on the bed rails where the stock rack rubbed and on the lower edges of the body that are exposed to road rash.A portion of the back of the cab and the metal inside the bed have been painted with a non-factory yellow paint to protect metal that was affected by manure and urine in the past.Body caulk is cracking and coming loose in tailgate joints and is intact but cracking in some locations on the cab and front clip.


The cab and front clip are in good shape but it appears that the front clip may have been repainted early in the truck's life.All body lines line up and gaps on the doors and hood are good.There are small dents on the leading edge of the hood and a dent in the left rocker panel.There is slight rust bubbling in the right rear cab corner (approximately ¼” diameter) and a line (about 5 inches long, and 1/16” wide) of rust-through on the left side, rear of the cab.The top of the roof and the drip rails are in good shape with no distortion.

The bed shows damage from use but is in relatively good shape.The header panel is straight and rust-free.Both quarter panels are creased in the lower portion with a tear in the metal above the left rear wheel apparently from the truck being backed into something, pushing the rear bumper, which is bolted to the quarter panels, forward causing the quarter panels to bend.The upper portion of the bedsides have dents originating from inside the bed where calves kicked the panels.The wheel houses inside the bed are dented by the calves hooves.Holes were drilled in the bed rails to attach the stock rack and the rack created fatigue cracks in the metal at some of the stake pockets.The tailgate is in good shape with no dents or bowing.The wooden bed floor is still intact and usable and only showing minimal signs of deterioration.The steel skid strips have surface rust, but no rust through, some of the retaining bolts are missing.Overall the body is in very good shape with minimal damage, given that the truck has been a used for working and is over 50 years old.


Truck is very solid throughout, there is no rust-through in any floor pans and the wooden bed floor is still solid.There are no apparent signs of damage or repair.The frame is solid with no rust-through, rust scale, or signs of damage.Undercoating is still mostly intact.


Front bumper is factory painted Ivory and is solid and straight.The rear bumper is an aftermarket step bumper that is designed to allow the tailgate to lower into a vertical position to make access to the bed floor easier.The rear bumper has a slight twist and scratches in the paint but is still functional.


The aluminum bezels around the front parking lights/turn signals are in good shape with no dents or corrosion.The chrome door handles are in good shape with no rust or pitting and are in working order.The fender emblems are both present and in good shape with intact paint and no corrosion.The chrome radio antenna is in good shape and can still be extended and retracted by hand.The aluminum bezels around the taillights have small dents but no corrosion.The chrome bezels around the reverse lights are in good shape with no rust or pitting.The tailgate latches and chains have surface rust, but still retain some of their original finish as well as the original rubber paint protectors.


Windshield, vent windows, side windows and back glass, are in good shape with no cracks, chips, delamination, or scratches.The vent windows open and close easily.The side windows roll up and down easily.Truck has the small back glass.


The interior is in good condition.The original rubber floor mat and rubber pedal covers are in good shape with no cracks and only minimal wear.The rubber shifter boots for the transmission and transfer case are missing.The interior cab corners are in good condition with open drain holes and no signs of rust-through. The manual outside air vents in the kick panels operate smoothly. The truck has one sun visor (from the factory) with the vinyl covering in good condition The paint in the interior is original and in good shape with only light scuffing and surface rust.

The dashboard is in good condition with no damage, cutting, or holes drilled into it. The truck has temperature, battery, oil pressure, and fuel gauges; all work, but the fuel gauge is currently working intermittently—likely due to the sending unit.The speedometer works and all lights within the cluster work.All controls for lights, windshield washer, choke, ignition switch, and bright light switch are in working order.The choke knob is cracked and will not fasten to the choke cable—the choke still works.Heater/ventilation/fan controls are in working order.The A.M. radio works and tunes well, the light within the radio works and the speaker in the dash works.An original “Notice to Operator” sticker on the dashboard is still intact and legible.The cardboard glove box liner is still in good condition with no signs of mouse damage.The original ashtray is still present.The emergency brake lever ratchets and locks freely; however the brake cable is not fully adjusted at this time.The fuse block and under-dash wiring are original and in good condition with no splices or apparent tampering.The ventilation ducting under the dash is intact, allowing adequate air flow to the defrost vents at all fan speeds. The steering wheel is original with slight cracking where the spokes connect to the hub and some removal of paint from use.The original horn button is still present and the horn works.

The seat has its original covering, but has been covered by another vinyl seat cover that is hog-ringed to the seat frame—possibly to protect the original cover.There are two tears (one approximately 7”x2” and the other approximately 4”x1”) in both covers on the driver's side with cracking in the aftermarket seat cover.There is slight damage to the seat foam where the tears occur, but the rest of the seat padding and springs are in good condition. The fuel tank is located behind the seat and is in good condition with no smells of fuel in the cab.The fiberboard gas tank cover is not present.The original jack, jack crank, and tire iron are missing.

The door panels are in good condition with original paint and no holes drilled in them.Door latch and lock handles are all present and all controls work well.Window regulator handles are present and window regulators work well.


The truck has its original Kelsey Hayes 17.5” x 5.25” steel wheels, including the spare (the wheels arenotsplit-rim).All wheels are painted body color and have scratches and surface rust.Wheels are true and rims are not bent.No hubcaps or wheel covers came with the truck from the factory, but all hubcap retention clips are present.


Set of four STA Super Traxion bias ply tires with ½” tread depth.Tires were purchased new in 2006 and currently have approximately 800 miles on them.


Factory suspension with leaf springs on all four corners.Springs have greasable metal bushings with all grease zerks still intact.Heavy-duty leaf springs (8 leaf, 3150 lbs) were optioned for the rear.Factory lift blocks for the rear springs are still present.Shocks appear to be original.Truck sits level and rides well for a heavily sprung vehicle.


Truck has a single exhaust pipe that appears to be original from the exhaust manifold to the muffler.Muffler was replaced in 2006.

Rear end/Front end:

Rear axle is a Corporation 10-bolt, full-floating, third-member with open differential and 4.57 ratio in good working order with no known problems.Front axle is a cardon-joint Spicer with open differential and 4.55 ratio in good working order but needs inner hub seals.Both differentials were drained and refilled in 2004.


Point ignition system.Cap, rotor, points, plug wires, and spark plugs replaced in 2013.All original parts were kept.

Transmission/Transfer Case:

Transmission is an SM420 4-speed with compound low and PTO provision, in good working order.The transmission did have a small hole in the case that I patched with JB Weld.Clutch is in good working order.Transfer case is a two speed, Timken 221 (divorced from transmission) with PTO provision, with no known problems.Transmission was drained and refilled in 2004.Transfer case was drained and re-filled, exterior degreased, and covers re-sealed in 2004.The transfer case still has some leaks from the covers—I just never got back under the truck to address the leaks.


Manual, 12”x 2” drum brakes on all four corners, with single reservoir master cylinder.Brake system was rebuilt in 2004 (new master cylinder, brake hoses, and brake shoes.Wheel cylinders rebuilt and drums turned.)Original parts were kept.Extra pair of drums comes with the truck.


292 inline six cylinder with one barrel Rochester carburetor.Oil bath air cleaner.Engine starts and runs well with no smoke or odd noises.Fuel pump was replaced in 2004, original fuel pump was kept.Engine bay is in good condition and still has grease pencil marks on the firewall.Cooling system was flushed and new hoses, water pump, and radiator installed in 2007.Radiator is an aluminum Griffin large 2-core.Original radiator was scrapped.Original water pump was kept.


Overall the truck is in very good, original condition with signs of past use, but no signs of abuse or having been wrecked.Original stickers are still on the engine and dashboard and there are still original assembly line marks and tags on several components of the truck.All driveline components are likely original to the truck.Most of the original parts (fuel pump, alternator, master cylinder, etc.) that were replaced as the truck was refurbished were kept and come with the sale. This truck is an original survivor, with few miles, that has been used, but well maintained.

Extra parts included in sale:

Set of 4 Goodyear Workhorse 235/85/16 radial tires mounted on steel wheels from a

73-87 GM truck.The tires are older but have less than 800 miles on them and have

no dry rot.There is a spare radial tire with wheel also included.

Pair of factory front tow hooks

Used wheelhouses for the bed.In decent shape.

Used Timken 221 transfer case.Internals are bad, but has other usable parts

2 brake drums

Miscellaneous stickers

New door opening seals

Miscellaneous other new parts

Many of the original parts I took off the truck as I refurbished it

If you are serious about purchasing this truck, please give me a call and we can talk more over the phone—(Six 0 Five) 6Four1-Eight37Four. I am happy to answer any questions and provide any other pictures you may want--I could only put 24 on eBay--I have several more. The truck is described to the best of my ability.I have disclosed everything I know about it, but this a 53 year old pickup and I strongly encourage a physical inspection to avoid any misunderstandings.This vehicle is sold "as is, where is" with no guarantees, warranties, or buy-backs.The buyer is solely responsible for doing any research needed or asking questions prior to bidding.As much as possible, I will make time for any serious bidder or their representative to inspect the truck in person.

The truck is located in Helena, Montana, which can be accessed by interstate highway or regional airport.Because the front hub seals are leaking, I highly recommend that the truck be trailered or the hub seals replaced before the truck is driven.If you decide to drive the truck, realize that you will only do about 52 miles per hour—it will take a hell of a long time to get anywhere very far from here.It is still winter-like in this area and we can still get snow and ice for the next few weeks.Be prepared for this kind of weather—you will have to drive over mountain passes and through shady canyons no matter which way you go from here.Buyer is responsible for all costs and arrangements for taking delivery of and transporting the pickup. The seller must come get the truck from me or arrange storage by April 28, 2019 or the sale will be void—if you plan on being the winning bidder you acknowledge this timeline.

Winning bidder must provide a $500 deposit via PayPal within 24 hours of the auction close.I will then send a bill of sale to the buyer.I prefer the balance be paid in CASH, in person, when the vehicle is picked up.I will accept a cashier's check, but I will not turn over the truck, title, and keys until the check clears—please plan accordingly—you might have to spend a day or two in Helena while we wait.

This is a really cool time capsule of a truck—it even has the original snowbrush from the dealership in it.I absolutely hate to get rid of it, but life has changed.It is truly a survivor and has great patina from being a real work truck early in its life.If you are looking for a solid-bodied truck to gut and molest this is not the truck for you—you will kill the character and value instantly.If you appreciate an old truck for what it is—a noisy, smelly, slow, rough riding rig meant for working instead of sport trucking then this is the truck for you.