Bagged 57 Chevy 210

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This is the one you have been looking for.
1957 Chevy 210
This beauty is ready to drive as it sits or if you are looking for that $60,000 piece of rolling art show car then this car can be turned into that by spending another 15K.
While she may look stock on the outside this beast is sitting on the Rolls Royce of modern suspensions.
The Level 3 Street Challenge system from Ride Tech adds Track Quality ShockWaves, dropped spindles, MUSCLEBar swaybars, and the AirPod LevelPro compressor system to put these cars right alongside any of the modern day performance cars that you care to play with. In case you are not familiar with this suspension set up I have included a link that tells all of the details. This modification alone costs almost $12,000 installed. The results speak for themselves. Don't settle for 50-year-old technology.
Here are just a few of the details
It rides on 20" Mob Steel wheels
Has all new chrome on the body exterior. This isn't the cheap plastic like you find on today's cars. This is American steel covered with a lot of chrome and I do mean a lot.
It stills has the original inline six cylinder engine with a three speed manual transmission. Probably the most dependable power plant GM ever produced. It won't get you there fast but you can bet it will always get you there. Cars like this weren't made for 100 mile per hour fly by's any way. This thing is made to cruise into the hamburger joint or local cruise in low and slow so everybody can stop what they are doing and admire this doll. If you don't like crowds this is probably not the car for you because every time you stop you can bet she will draw lots of attention
The glass is in excellent condition
Paint is driver quality and if you don't know what that means I will say it a different way. It looks great from ten feet away.
The interior is usable as it is but I think it could use a little love. It does have a brand new headliner.
We are a full service custom car shop located in the heart of Knoxville Tennessee and if you want to make any modifications to the car before you take it home we are capable of making any changes you could want or if you have the skills and just need parts we can hook you up with those as well. The nice part is that this car is ready to enjoy as it sits now and if you want to make changes later all of the hard stuff and expensive items have been done.
If you are an out of state buyer and need the car shipped we are willing to work with your shipper or help you make arrangements. We have been messing with these old cars for a long time and we may not tell you what you want to hear but we will always be truthful with you about the car and its condition. We are car guys too and we know what it's like to drive half a day only to get there and find a car that is nothing like the seller described it like. We have an excellent reputation in the car community. If you are a dreamer please don't send any ridiculous offers. We know everybody likes a deal but at the same time we know what it takes to create a car like this. We try to price them right and sell them fast.
We have this item listed locally and reserve the right to end auction at any time.