1961 Chevy Apache C-10 RAT ROD Pickup Truck 235 Bubble top- Tractor Service '61

Price: US $13,000.00 Item location: Winter Park, Florida, United States
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: C-10
  • SubModel: Apache
  • Type: Pick Up
  • Year: 1961
  • Mileage: 9,999,999
  • Color: Green W/ White top & Rust
  • Engine size: 235
  • Number of cylinders: 6
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Green , Silver, Black
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1961 Chevrolet C-10 Apache

Hello, I'm selling my 1961 Chevy Apache C-10 Rat Rod Pick up truck 235 manual shift on the column. This was a real work truck for Porter Tractor Service. It is registered as a '62 but is a '61. The dealers used to do this for people when buying as a resale feature for the buyer, probably was illegal, kinda makes it a little cooler. You can fix it if it matters to you. Who ever looks at the title? It is a '61. Never even had a radio installed. No seat belts- never had them so your grandfathered in for no tickets. If you hate seat belts this is perfect, dangerous but perfect. It makes it cooler that way too.I named her "Agnus" but you can call her whatever you like. I have the Florida Title, free and clear, so no worried on that business.
The Good: #1 question asked, "does it run"? -YES it runs, runs good. A little ticking- just adjust the rods a little. It's been about a year or so but, I never drive it so these should be considered "newish". I replaced the Radiator, Brakes, Put in Alternator, Coil, Battery-Megatron II, Headlights, & Gas Tank, tune up... Also, If wanted, I will include "SPARKY" the mummified rat I found dead inside when I first got her, proof it's a real rat rod. custom vintage "Dixie" beer can coil cover. Gun Rack. I can't totally swear to no oil leaks but I don't see any signs of any, nor any in the driveway. The bubble top hood is the best, totally hard to find.
The Bad: The tires are just ok, I'd plan to get new ones at some point but have a few miles left. Slow leak in one and really slow in another. I have them on really rare '70's Van rims. These rims hardly exist anymore because guys used them for racing on Corvettes back in the day and wrecked them. They were tougher and a little cheaper because they were for vans.These tires may not be seating perfect because of the odd size rim.? The windshield is cracked. Probably has been for 40 years. I like it like that, you may not. The driver door opens all the way, someone backed up w/it open- not me-again I like it, adds character like the bullet holes in the tailgate. Speedo broken. The carb need adjusting a bit sometimes.Just needs a new set screw for the idle to keep steady- no big deal. No physical pedal for the gas, never had one, I just use the rod. Not good on bare feet but works great with shoes, ha. Easy fix. You going to need to mess w/ the windshield wiper to work, I unhooked it and don't/not sure what I need to do-what wire was it kid of thing???... I feel stupid but that's the deal on this minor issue, I'm fairly sure the wiper motor is works. The bed is junk-Someone a long time ago, welded a 1/4" steel sheet in the bed over the wood. Some of the original wood is still there but not looking so hot. This truck would look really nice with new bed wood but It worked fine for me the way it is. Jeez, I'd better stop if I want to sell this thing, ha,ha.
Let's talk about the rust as this may be a worrisome subject for some. The rust is mostly surface and all metal appears to be solid. My finger doesn't go through anywhere. I could have missed a spot, but not on purpose.? Only an area above the windshield needs attention. Can't see in the pic. I could cram the areas with bondo and spray paint it so you wouldn't notice but I'd rather leave it up to you to fix the way you want as it's in a weird spot and it wouldn't be right to do that as covering it up would only cause you a bigger problem down the road. It's not a big deal, just a place you want to fix right and I just can't get to it right now. Not to say that there isn't ant bondo. Someone did some on the bottom of the doors at some point. Gives it more character I guess. Anything can be fixed.Overall, If you ask me, this truck is more solid than anything new. Real American steel.
If this truck was perfect then what fun would you really have? Fixing it up a little and making it yours is why you get something like this. It's a perfect starting platform in making something really great, or just patch her up a little and hit the road.
The ugly: Don't want to sell, not at all, but I had to move in with and care for my mother as she is dying of brain & lung cancer. Ugg. I have to start a small, in home, business to try and handle these surmounting bills. I need to acquire the equipment to do so. So I'm selling my truck to try and make things as right as I can. I'm not in a hurry to sell, It just has to get done.
+++I will also include a 1961 Clinton Tractor lawn mower is same condition. If you want it. It looks great in the back because it's a mini tractor. I've had it running before but it's been a while.I usually put it in the truck when going to a car show. This is the kind of truck everyone likes to hang around and lean on and talk around for some reason. Probably because they aren't worried about scratching it. Anyway, It's a neat lil' collectible rare lawn tractor / mower.
+Get into any monster truck rally for free for all day with VIP passes and stadium seat tickets for after the contest by entering the ugly truck contest.They always have one, at least in Orlando, before the show. Usually held by a radio station. Works for me. Just an extra selling point.
Blah,blah,blah...These items are "AS IS". I'm not a mechanic and if I missed mentioning a missing bolt or something it's not my intention. I won't be able to do anything to help or to give a refund.This is a 55 year old truck that has been beet up, run down, cussed out, and shot at... and a few others I'm sure. She ain't perfect and I ain't pretending she is. She needs love n' some other stuff. Ohhh the stories she could tell. So please make sure this is what you want. If I was/am aware of ANYTHING wrong w/her I'd post it and if for some reason I think of anything else I'll update the post but I think I did good. I hope so as I could only imagine how bad it would be to travel a long distance just to feel flim flamed by a bad listing. I'm not that guy! If you can swing it then come and check her out in person first.
Please email me if you have any questions at all about the ole' girl, the truck that is. I'll be happy to answer them the best I can.
You will have to pick it up yourself or arrange for someone to do so for you, a buddy/ shipping/ trucking/ towing company. Get it whenever, any day and anytime is fine by me as I'll be here. I'd plan on NOT driving it home unless you live close by as it takes a little getting used to driving it. I wouldn't feel good if something happened to you driving her home, but that's your call. REMEMBER..."AS IS"... NO REFUNDS.