Price: - Item location: Oak Lawn, Illinois, United States
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: Corvette
  • Trim: Coupe
  • Year: 1975
  • Mileage: 8,900
  • VIN: 1237J5S407117
  • Engine size: 5.7 350
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Power options: Air Conditioning, Power Windows
  • Fuel: Gas
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Tan
  • Options: Cassette Player, Leather Seats
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1975 Chevrolet Corvette

So much to list and say about this car,I'll try to add as much information as I can. I understand buying a car especially a classic online some people like to hide issues or just not tell you about them. Honest seller here,will describe and answer any questions that way. Anyhow I came upon this car in 2012,lady had her garage open I seen it hiding under bunch of boxes and stuff and I ended up getting it from her. She was the original owner,she bought it in 1975,said she used it few times a month and only few months a year. We live in IL. and out summers are short. The car was all original and the orig paint wich was the saddle color body was pretty faded and chipped up. But car had absolutely no dents no accident damage.The mileage read little over 8,000 and I said wow u drive it 100,000 miles she said NO FIRMLY and that the mileage on there is original. Lady is pretty old,looked sounded honest and the license plates on the car expired in 1987. The car was in the garage since 86-87. Wich puts it on the road barely 10 yrs and ya a summer Only car with a lady driver. So I believe the mileage to be true. Everything I seen the Condition the papers the 1 OWNER the plates expiring in 1987 and I believe it 100% till me or the new owner is proven otherwise. I'm selling it as true mileage might be 8,900 or 108,900. No way that lady drove 108k in 9 years driving few times a year.But maybe she did it was the 70's and they could have been "FREE" crowd driving around smoking pot all day.Then she pointed out the trip mileage wich reads I think around 800. It's in the picture. She said she restets it ever year and the last year she drove it is what's on there wich makes a lot of sense it only about 800 or close to that. Do the math. 600-800 miles a year for 8-10 years it was used,,??adds up correct.bit I don't have any other thing to show from her she's alive u an visit her,so it's just a SUPER bonus for the buyer as I can only say mileage not known 100%.anyhow the car needed work the brakes were locked mechanical and body stuff. The list is way toooo long. But the bigger things is the rear end was rebuilt the transmission was dropped and turns out to be in great shape I only needed to buy the very basic rebuild kit.Kind sort of a rarer stingray package AIR CONDITION POWER WINDOWS AUTO TRANS. I had a mechanic for different jobs. He said fluids clean everything is good but while its open wel Change few things and he did.The other things are like the shocks and complete brake overhaul every brake part u can change,put aluminum radiator in there MSD distributor new plugs wires new belts A/C per al, gas tank flushe, fuel pump fuel line,carberator rebuilt twice.recently I was changing the carb fuel line and I flooded the new carb and it leaks gas out of the accelerator pump. Like drips out. I'm pretty sure it's just the float. Car starts up drives fine.but to drive it home wich I would say 100% you could anywhere in the U.S but u would have to pop a new float or Oring in th carb. Tires are like new but she says she never ever changed them. They could be the factory original tires. Eagle GT. There's a full size spare under the car. I didn't take it out u can see it. Has little hole in the spare case. Tire is fine. New. The rear luggage rack is in ok shape. It's 100% usable. Has little rust on it but can be tech times or used as is. Not that bad. I never put it back on. I found a brand new bra she had ordered in the back trunk space I put it on but needs to be tightened up a bit not on perfect. There's a old 80's kenwood radio and jvc speakers ready to be installed. T Tops come off go on easy no leaks. True dual exhaust. I know this is a very long ad but if it was me I'd rather read along description then wonder about this or that. Plus serious buyers wouldn't mind reading an essay on the act but window shoppers who waste time would have stopped reading after the first paragraph. And I'll know who's serious buy the questions. I've described it to a T. Paint job costed me a lot of money. Candy apple green. 9 total coats. But the guy who did it was his 1st candy paint job. It's not the best. I'd say it's ok.Has few nicks since its been sitting few bubble spots I mean consider the paint job as primer if you don't like it. Paint it tI color you like. I went with some thing Knobody has. I didnt want the same plane Jane black or white or red. So consider the paint as 9 coats of primer and all you have to do is scuff and paint. But when it washed it's dusty in the pics it has a nice shine. I mean good till you do something with it. I'm NOT asking $20,000. I'm not selling it for the body. I'm selling it for the rareness the 1 true owne,the possible mileage,the interior is 1975 but man I didn't wana touch it. Good enough for me. I loved it. Carpet was replaced. That's it. Running wise I can't write another 4 pages. So I'll say I had few stingrays this is the fastest 1 I've driven. It screams rumbles you can tell it was NEVER EVER beat on. It fish tailed on me when I nailed it. I took it on expressway it hit 120mph! And wanted more. But I only drove it about 20 miles in the 4 years I've had it. 2 of the years it was being worked on. This is the 1st year I've had it pretty much ready. I poured my money in it and honestly it's not for me. It's for somebody who doesn't mind a speeding ticket. The way it drive the few times I tested it made me not wana drive it anymore. I didn't wana break or destroy anything. It reminds me o the V12 Dodge Viper I had. It feels like it's a v12 it takes off with so much power like the viper. The engine is pretty much orig. I saved the orig distrib. And wires etc. only thing I threw away was radiator. Little work for a guy or girl who knows cars and can save money doing your own stuff you'll have a nice corvette. And I mean very little when we are referring to mechanical. Like I said fix the carb leak drive it home to Texas. The work your gonna do is all mainly cosmetic.under the car it's very solid.the only bad spot is where the battery sits it's fiberglass not metal and it was weak and when I put a bigger battery in there a busted a hole. The floor boards are solid the frame is good has little rust surface here and there but again I have over $8,000 cash in this car and I'm not asking for showroom price.1 thing I would say is worth replacing is the door panels. I took tiem off and put all new guts in there just some rods clips etc and I never really screwed them in tight I wanted to make sure clips rods were in place good,but drivers sore is loose passenger not too bad they're worn but not tore up,gone.power windows 1 works great 1 you gotta press switch hard.the wipers are in need of attention for sure,motor comes on that's good but the arms and blades are too old,lights go up and down,there was few times I had to turn them on and off to get them to go up,it has been in a tile capsule for 25 yrs,the fact everything works even if it needs help it works that's good enough,The best thing on this car is the 1 OWNER factor most stingrays are 10 owners who all beat on them. You'll have that rarity. Plus the mileage. Prove me wrong or have somebody prove you wrong. And I've seen stingrays barn finds rotted to heck engine locked going for $4000-UP. I jut need some cash for my daughters school and this car I hope will help pay for this years school. That's all. If you wana make an offer go ahead. I'm putting a undisclosed reserve. Deposit will be $500 due immediately. Deposit is NON-NEGOTIABLE. Balance due within 72hrs 3 days unless we work something out.Why??because only honest people will accept this and if you can't afford it don't bid please.If you have less then 25 feedback you CANNOT BID PERIOD.You must contact me 1st and place a deposit. Or have someone bid for you. The car is in storage. It's safe and we can work out the pickup time. It's flexible. I won't rush you as long as your paid. Clear IL. title waiting for you here. There's 100 things I forgot to post that I did but I posted all the things you need to do. I might have missed something but if I've been working on the act for 4 strait years then it must not be important or big.ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION GUARANTEED TO BE GOOD NO TICKS NO TACKS.she will HUMM.everything I replaced wich is almost everything shows little wear now. But it's all been changed in last 1-3 years. Car sat 1 year finished 3 years being worked on. PayPal is only for deposit.. I can only post so many pictures. And this is what I have.if can get better pics I'll post them and remove the others. 1st sunny day I'm off I'll go pull it out take few pics. The last step on this car was planned to do 2 12 inch wide black metallic rally strips across the whole car bumper to bumper but that's where I got hurt.and stopped.will look 10 times better with the rally stripes because of the color and we used metallic flakes in the clear.THANKS FOR READING IF YOUR STILL HERE!