1953 chevrolet 3100 bagged LT1 motor patina truck rat hot rod c-10 5 window 350

Price: US $10,179.00 Item location: Batavia, New York, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: C-10
  • Trim: 5 winndow
  • Year: 1953
  • Mileage: 80,000
  • VIN: 12345
  • Engine size: v8 fuel injected LT1 5.7 350
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1953 Chevrolet C-10

I am offering this truck up for auction not because I want to, but because I have spent the last two years looking for a mid 50’s suburban to build and I finally found one. This truck was not built to sell so I do not have as many pictures as I would like but I will do my best to take some or answer all questions you may have, feel free to contact me.

This truck is for sale locally and so I will reserve the right to pull this auction if someone offers me the right money and or shows up with a trailer and cash. That being said it will sell to the highest bidder at the end of this auction, because we need the space to start the next build.

This is a just finished brand new build with like 20 miles on it so bid accordingly. Also ask questions and every night I will put the answers on eBay, if you have A question I am sure others do as well.

This IS NOT JUST SOME s10 frame swap, this truck still has original frame and mounts.

This truck has a mustang two front end with 2600 air bags and SoCal shocks. Adjustable A-arms and rack and pinion steering.

Custom spacers on all four corners to make the new Camaro rims fit.

The rear end is from a 90’s GM and is possi, not positive on the gearing but they are road gears for sure and computer is programed and professionally tuned by LT1 swap for the 20’s in the back.

Has custom 4 link suspension and 2 inch by 2 inch truss that runs over the pumpkin. 2400 bags in the back and SoCal shocks.

8 inch step notches in the back welded into the frame and boxed. There are multiple cross members, one under the tank one inch by one inch and one that doubles as the top mount for the shocks 1.5 inch by 1.5 inch.

The motor is a 1996 LT1 285 hp stock before tune, not some beat 70’s SBC with a fancy carb. Has only 80k on it. Wiring harness was built by Tech-Rods and is stand alone with a check engine light and OBD2.

This truck runs a tablet in it that give a digital readout of all of the gauges and check engine codes as well as RPMs and speedo.

Presently the truck ia running two O2 sensors just off the headers and MAF sensor.

If you have specific engine question let me know but the reason I used the LT1 is because I bought the whole vehicle and know for a fact it has 80k on it. Transmission is a 4l60E Auto, from same donor car. Transmission lines are looped however there is a cooler in the brand new radiator.

Lokar shifter installed just this week.

Brand new Radiator 3 core all aluminum, running brand new electric fan on at 200 off at 185.

Drilled and slotted front disk power brakes with all new calipers and lines.

Alignment and camber are as good as it gets I am including a picture of the computer print out

Air ride is 4 electronic solenoids ½ inch and ½ inch DOT plastic lines some push on and some compression fittings. I installed two ball valves to control the lift because ½ inch line was overkill for sure. There is a 7 gallon tank from an Air max kit in there with separate pressure gauge and 200 psi shut off valve, Both pumps are a couple years old also AirMax pumps, work as they should and are run on separate Relays and have had no problems with them.

The seat was freshly recovered and the dash was the only thing painted on this truck, the rest of the patina is all natural.

We did our best to save all of it so the cab corners are weak and the inner fenders are a little chewed up but we welded tabs on the inside to save the patina look, but add to the structure.

The floors were repaired before we got the truck and they used 16 gauge steel and two stop signs. They are solid I did not do anything to them and they look very cool, however I covered them with insulation and rubber, because the cab was too warm for my liking when I was sitting in traffic,

Speaking of which A/C pump is there but not being used. If I was to keep the truck I would have run the A/C pump as a compressor.

Power steering pump is also there and looped, at the moment the steering is a manual rack and pinion. I would not personally run power steering but that is my personal preference with big wheels and bags.

Emergency brake and drift brake. Work as they should one hand or foot operated unit.

Headlights (low and high beam) high beams are on separate switch with separate relays.

Horn is brand new and works as it should.

New overflow reservoir for radiator.

New relays for everything

New LMC electric two speed wipers.

New front glass and seals.

I still have spare tire mount. It will come with the truck. This thing would look really cool with a spare tire mounted in the correct spot.

Brand new tires on the rear, good tires on the front.

New door panels and passenger side window, both windows go up and down. (They do rattle when you are driving)

I am sure I am missing a lot of stuff that we have done to this truck like I said I was not keeping track as I did not intend to sell it.

Only thing I don’t have just perfect yet is the doors. They need to be slammed sometimes when the truck is sitting rockers. Other times they shut just fine.

Ok now for the not so fun stuff, last time I put this truck up for auction. A couple of people that were bidding this truck up then pulled bids very late in the auction. These people will not be able to bid this time. If you were bidding last time and you want to bid again you may need to contact me in person.

For the few that took the time to come out and see the truck I took your suggestions and in the last two weeks we have added the Lokar shifter, The insulation on the floor, Shocks, Replaced the leaking gaskets on the rear solenoid so the rear holds air now all of the time. Also separated the wiring to the pumps and added a second relay. Been driving it all week no problems and rides a lot better thanks to the shocks.

Payment… 2,000.00 non-refundable payment due within two days of auction closing via PayPal, if payment is not received will be offered to the next highest bidder until truck sells. If this does not work for you arrangements must be made within the two days or I will sell to next highest bidder and eBay will still come after you for the deposit.

If you are going to pay with credit for entire purchase fees will be added on your side.

If you are Canadian or overseas buyer I will deliver truck to shipping port and do paperwork for you however you will pay shipping bill for the truck. My travel and expenses I will cover.

If you want this truck call me, email me, ask questions. This truck was not built to sell and I am not a computer expert or very good with a camera I am sorry.

Remember this is a fresh build, we finished it, and someone else started it and was not able to finish it. We got it up and running and I am driving it on a daily basis to see if any other little things pop up. I am available every day until 2pm on the phone or to see or test drive the truck. I work evenings and I will answer text messages eBay questions and emails. At night after I get home

That being said this is probably a 30k truck with little to no work involved but I am going to take whatever I get, I do not have any more time to keep doing the little things and I have no interest in hiring some photographer to take pictures or make a fancy video someone is going to get a deal and I am going to be able to start the build I have been waiting years to start..

It will still need the little touches and finishing but truck is solid.

Disclaimer, Questions you should not bother to ask.

Can I drive it home? (You can do whatever you want with it once you pay me for it.) I personally would not drive any 1950s truck cross country air ride or not.

Will it pass inspection? It passes safety inspection in New York State. Check with your state before buying it. This is a highly modified truck but I see no reason it will not pass. It is still registered as a 1953 truck.

There are NO catalytic converters (not sure why this question keeps coming up). Just two cherry bombs and straight pipes off the headers.

Ok guys good luck and have fun, don’t forget any questions about anything call me first before bidding. Or go to the website or join my Facebook group. We are very active and love to see these old trucks going back on the road.

Below should be a video of the truck running and driving. Not the best video maybe we will shoot another one this week and post it up in the question and answer but at least you will get the idea.. In the video the valves are half open at the most.

See a video of