Classic Style, Very Original, Fun to Drive, Take 6 With You In Luxury, 52K

Price: US $11,200.00 Item location: North Canton, Ohio, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Cadillac
  • Model: DeVille
  • Type: Coupe
  • Trim: Coupe
  • Year: 1992
  • Mileage: 52,527
  • VIN: 1G6CD13B0N4301908
  • Color: White
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Power options: Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: FWD
  • Interior color: Burgundy
  • Options: Cassette Player, Convertible, Leather Seats
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1992 Cadillac DeVille Coupe

1992 Cadillac Coupe Deville Mock Convertible

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Just a nice local Cadillac with little use and lots of love! Original Canton, Ohio car and where it resides today, owner has had several classic cars over the years and it’s time for a new home.


* Mock Convertible Top

* Gold Package

* Alloy Wheels

* Leather Seating

* V-8 4.9 Litre

* Climate Control( Heat and A/C)

* Front Wheel Drive

* Driver Air Bag

* 6 Way Power Seats Driver/Passenger

* Cassette Player

* Power Windows

* Power Locks

* Power Trunk Pull Down

* Power Antenna

* Corner Lamps

* Manual Recliners

* Twilight Sentinel

* Auto Emergency Brake Release

* Auto Antenna

* Glove Box Trunk Release

* Radial Tires


* The paint is very nice, smooth and shiny, and appears to match well all the way around.

* The paint looks consistent, the quality is the quality of a factory original paint, without improper orange peel.

* We took the large exterior photos in the bight sun so that you could effectively see the coloring, but we took the individual paneling pictures in the shade at an angle where you could see the body better.

* We don’t see any places that stand out as showing any obvious repainting any place on the car. We certainly cant be sure, however normally you are able to detect it so it may be original paint.

* There are some light typical stone nicks on the front edge of the hood, which would also coincide with it not being repainted recently. Very typical to see on a car with mileage like this. Other than that car is mostly free of additional nicks.

* There is a two inch light mark on the rear quarter as well as a few marks or light scratches on the front edge of both front fenders. However you can’t feel the scratches and they easily may just polish off. The passenger mirror has a few stone nicks, and a little wear on the paint of the right side body molding (See pics)


* The body is all nice and straight, and after walking around it all day looking at different panels in the shade and in the sunlight, and at angles we have not been able to detect any significant dents of any kind on the body of the car.

* The fits around the doors, hood, and trunk all look very appropriate.


* Front fenders are of a non metallic material, so paint depth could not be read.

* After making a couple random reading on each panel of the car, all the white painted areas measure in the 6-10 mils range with a few areas being a little higher or a little lower. Nothing stood out as a drastic difference that would indicate an obvious repair of some type, though we can’t be 100 percent sure. Seems fairly consistent with what you would expect this car to be painted originally.

Bright work-

* In looking the car over it appears that all of the bright work looks to be securely attached to the car correctly, and looks to be fitting the way that it should be.

* All of the chrome and stainless is in excellent condition, and we have not found any dents or damage to any of those pieces. Their condition looks of that of a car just a couple years old, and really have held up beautifully. (See Pics)

* All of the gold covered emblems on the car have had some of their finish worn off, and do not look quite as strikingly new. (See pics)


* The Glass all looks nice and clear, and we don’t see any discoloring, or delamination of the glass. There are no cracks or bull-eyes, or noticeable scratching to the glass.

* The front windshield is a sunshade solar green, and may have been replaced. Windshield may have a few pin head size nicks that can’t be helped from regular driving.

* Both power door glasses are Easy Cool by LOF, and they do include stickers that say vehicle is equip with a thief warning system which you typically only see on original glass.

* The rear side glasses are Solar Green, and the rear heated window is Easy Cool by LOF.


* Interior is a deep maroon/burgundy color but with certain lighting condition some of the interior shots have a purple look to them, and that is not the actual color.

* Everything in the interior including the factory mats all look like original OEM. We do not see any modifications or changes that are apparent.

* The headliner has stayed firmly in place, and looks good. Only exception being some light wrinkling on both sides on the A pillar running down to the dash, but that is the only flaws that we see. (See pics)

* The dash and all side panels, including the doors show almost no wear at all, and have very fresh looking color.

* The steering wheels shows no tears or damage to the leather covering.

* The dash panel and face again look like that of a vehicle of only a couple of years old.

* The carpeting has good rich coloring and almost no wear, and the mats show minimal wear. (See pics)

* The rear leather seats show very little typical leather break in.

* The passenger side seat shows some wear, and the driver side shows a little more which is more typical. Whether its been the lack of sunlight or outdoor exposure or combination of that and proper leather caring we find the seats to be supple and soft, and not hardened like we sometimes will see. This would eliminate much of the fiber break down that sometimes will occur.

* The sun visor covering is all in good shape, and the illuminated lights all work properly.(See pics)

* If you look closely at the drivers seat there is very little wear to the bolsters which shows care when it came to getting in and out.


* Look closely at the pictures you’ll see again an area that is in very original condition with very little wear, and virtually no damage showing.

* You’ll see the original materials for the flooring as well as the proper pieces underneath, and the spare tire as well.

Convertible Top-

* Simulated convertible top- installed by ASC for Cadillac.

* Vinyl covering over a fiberglass top.

* The white coloring is nice and even, and may not be quite as white as the day it was built, but can always be cleaned for a brighter white.

* The top is in good condition without any cracks or tears, and the seams all look good as well as the moldings. The stitching is all firmly in place, and its another example that during this cars life it has not seen a lot of outdoor exposure.

Tires & Wheels-

* Goodyear Regatta Touring

* Left Front- 205-70-15 Tread Remaining- 9/32

* Left Rear- 205-70-15 Tread Remaining- 8/32

* Right Front- 205-70-15 Tread Remaining- 9/32

* Right Rear- 205-70-15 Tread Remaining- 8/32

* We don’t see any type of cracking or damage that is apparent to the tires and the wheels.

* The wheels and the caps are in place as they should be, and do look nice and presentable, however upon close inspection we do see that there is some age and wear on the clear coat finish on the wheels.

Engine and Transmission-

* We are not seeing something that has just been steamed cleaned but its pretty much at its natural form. There is not much dirt or grim on the engine compartment again because of limited use.

* In looking over the engine compartment I would say that other than a replacement battery, for the most part everything under the hood looks to be original style components and as it would have looked when it was build.

* You can see that the coolant in the tank is kind of a light greenish/blue in color, and the engine oil was at the proper level and appeared to be very clear without to much mileage.

* Windshield washers pump bottle was full of fluid.

* There is some very typical wear showing on the insulation padding on the underside of the hood.


* Though there is some typical surface rust, the under side of the car looks very natural and of original design.

* We do not see any rust perforation on the floor board, or any of the structure work. The transmission pan, and the engine oil pan are very nice and dry.

* We do not see any obvious uncommon seepage or leaking.

* If you look carefully at the shocks, valve covers, and heads, its a very dry engine. (See Pics)

* The right inner CV joint has a little of an oily look to it and may have a small leak.

* Nothing on the bottom side looks damaged, there are new stabilizer links that where replaced at some time, and we see a newer part that looks like was on top of the exterior of the transmission at some point. (See pics)

* We don’t see any leakage or seepage that looks unusual from the shocks, or struts.

* The exhaust appears to look original or like original system, and we do not notice any perforation and looks to have some service time yet.

* Looking at pictures you can see the car has not had a lot of exposure.


* Power door locks work on both sides and locks go up and down from either side

* Drivers and passengers windows do go up and down

* Power mirrors do operate in all 4 directions on both left and right

* The twilight signal does automatically turn the lights on

* The windshield shield wipers do work on 2 speeds, however because the car is clean we did not try the washers

* The fuel data center work in all positions

* Fuel gauge works

* Odometer, speedometer, trip-odometer work

* Automatic climate control does work in the air conditioning mood, it does change speed and temperatures as it is set. When we crank it up to 90 we find that we do have good heat coming out the bottom.

* Radio does work and plays on both A.M. and F.M.

* Cassette player does work

* Power trunk release does work

* 6 way power seat on the driver side does work in all directions

* Passenger 6 way seat works as well

* Rear side windows are stationary

* Manual recliner on the passenger side does work and so does drivers side

* Horn does work

* Engine runs smoothly when listening with the hood up without any improper noises of any kind

* Front marker light work on the left and the right

* Parking lights work on left and right side

* High beams work

* Low beams work

* Both taillights work

* License plate light works

* We where not able to try brake lights and back up lights, as I was alone

* Antenna does work and fully extends and then fully retracts

* Courtesy lights in the interior that are in the back of the arm rest and bottom of the arm rest do turn on.

* Blinkers front and rear work on the left and right side(Cadillac has a side turning marker lights called cornering lamps, and they work as well.

* Quarter panels have small marker lights that work on both sides

* Fuel door button in glove box does work

* The overhead reading lamps, that can be turned off and on work properly.

* Interior hood release works properly

* The secondary emergency hood release outside works properly

* Emergency brake does engage and hold, and automatically release as it should

* Lighter works

Test Drive-

Chad drove car about 20 plus miles, and had car much of the day. In driving the car it idles very nice and smooth. Starts quickly without touching the gas, which is how this engine should be operating. It goes into a smooth idle, and upon acceleration it seems to run properly, and gears do up shift as they should. Upon slowing down the engine continued to run smooth, and downs shifts properly as needed. The car steers properly with a nice feel that a rack and pinion gives you. When driving the car goes straight down the road, and does not tend to pull one way or the other. When applying the brakes again its stays straight without pulling to the left or the right. As your braking it seems nice and smooth and we do not notice any incorrect pulsation, and brakes seem smooth. No incorrect lights show up on the information center, so that indicates all systems are working correctly at this time.

Interested buyers please call Chad Gumpp

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10% deposit ($1,000 minimum) must be received within three (3) days of the close of the auction and the balance due within 10 days of the auction. Extenuating circumstances may warrant us to revise the amount of deposit to protect the interest of the buyer and the seller.

Acceptable payment options:

Cash-in-person, verified by a bank

Bank to bank wire transfers to seller’s account

Cashier’s or bank check equivalent to cash

Interested buyers please call Chad Gumpp at 330-353-1750

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