1985 Audi 4000 2WD

Price: US $1,000.00 Item location: Springfield, Missouri, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Audi
  • Model: 4000
  • Type: Sedan
  • Trim: S?
  • Year: 1985
  • Mileage: 186,523
  • VIN: WAUFB0816FA098629
  • Color: Grey
  • Engine size: 1.8L
  • Number of cylinders: Four
  • Power options: Power Windows
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: FWD
  • Interior color: Blue
  • Options: Sunroof
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1985 Audi 4000

Year: 1985
Make: Audi
Model: 4000 (this is not the quattro version)
Mileage: 186,523
Overall very good condition. I ran a wetvac through it about 8 months ago and was amazed at how nicely this old girl cleaned up. Last weekend I did a shopvac and cleaned up most of the interior, ut it could use another pass with a wetvac to clean up some spilt coffee. Still the materials they use on the interior on these "luxury" cars is surprisingly durable. The seats in front and back are in good condition. There are a couple small burn holes in the fabric, ut no tears or rips in the fabric and the bolsters aren't broken down. The dash is uncracked, he steering wheel is in great shape. The carpet really is in great shape.
Good condition, inus a few dings and knocks. The paint is starting to let loose in a few areas, ut it really looks sharp when it's freshly washed. The passenger side door has a ripple, ut opens and closes fine. The trunk has a a dent that is popped up from the inside where a tow rope I had fastened off inside the trunk and used to drag a log bounced up and left the mark. (not my finest moment for certain). I have a replacement hood, runk, nd front two doors if it really bothers you...they're brown so that would be weird, ut you're driving this car for character. All the windows and lights work.
The engine runs strong and 5spd transmission shifts well. I've driven it to Little Rock half a dozen times and to KC at least once. This car runs very cool and in the winter months I often have to put cardboard in front of the radiator to allow it to heat up more. At last count I was still getting 28 miles per gallon on this beast. It doesn't go through an excessive amount of oil, ut I probably add a quart every 8 months.
Work performed:
In the last two years I've replaced the oil pump, ad a bent tie rod end replaced, ad an all new catalytic converter and muffler installed, e-keyed the passenger lock to match the driver's side and trunk, eplaced a gazillion bulbs in the instrument cluster, eplaced the power steering pump, eplaced multiple door handles so all doors work, ut in a new battery from Oreilly's a few months back, ew radiator from rock auto, eplaced the rubber bushings that connect the accelerator pedal to the throttle cable, nd put on new front tires just a month ago.
It comes with the full shop manual for the Audi 4000/Quattro. Shop manuals are an invaluable resource on these older cars.
These 1.8L 4cylinders have high and low oil pressure sensor units. There is a "bar" meter on the console that you can see the current actual oil pressure. The low idiot light seems to be a bit flakey and I've removed the relay. I've replaced it a handful of times and it works for a while but something seems to zap it after a few months. Oil pressure is actually quite good, just figure it's flakey electrical stuff on an old German car.
Vacuum actuated power locks...they used to automatically work to lock all of the doors after you use the key on the drivers side. Somewhere along the way they've reversed mechanism and now actually sometimes succeed in unlocking the other locks.
There's a slight gap between the drivers side window where it supposed to roll up(i mean ever so slight). The window channel rail came loose at one point and had to be re-welded to the frame, ut they forgot to slightly adjust it to remove that gap.
The sunroof works! Sometimes it takes some coaxing and other times it works without hesitation.
The door handles on these apparently were flawed so I have a few extras of those. They've all been replaced.
A/C does not function and did not work when I bought the car. The compressor is still present, ut the allen bolt that holds in the oil/lubrication for the compressor fell out at some point while I was driving it and rather then wait for it to seize I cut the belt that ran it. I removed the condensor unit at some point and I belive it made it's way into the trash. (Don't ask me why, hat was probably a dumb move) I've had a few cars without A/C and I recognize it can be a huge drawback, ut it's manageable even for a guy with a big beard in August. Just tough it out you wuss.
Cruise control doesn't work, he bladder actuator for that has been removed from the engine bay.
The radio does work, ut the tape deck does not. The front left speaker worked briefly when I first acquired it, ut there's a short and it hasn't worked in some time. The radio reception is actually phenomenal when the antenna is pulled out to full extension.
Gas gauge doesn't work, o I go by mileage. I can get around 400-430 miles on a tank.
The rubber exhaust hangers don't seem to want to survive for very long.
It is loud at higher RPMs on the interstate. Between 65 and 75 it howls. You either have to wrap it up higher to 75 or 80 or run it at 65 for it to be tolerable. When I had the exhaust replaced I requested the quietest they had available, ut it still let's you know its there. I'm used to it and just turn up the radio to compensate.
If you don't get it started on the initial key turn you have to turn the key all the way back off and flip it again. It's weird, t's german.
It is an old car(30 yrs), ou will learn about fixing things. Don't be timid, ump in and this car will get you where you need to go. This car has been a lot of fun to drive. It's not terribly fast, ut I sure enjoy throwing it into the corners. It's a tank certainly durable and good enough to haul your teenager around during high school. (all the seat belts work) Or maybe you'll source a quattro drive train and retrofit it for rally racing, aybe you'll completely restore and wipe it down with a diaper, aybe you'll just drive the wheels off it, r maybe you'll get caught up in a super secret society that hunts down your car and you have to rig it to explode in order to create a diversion to save the mankind. No matter the plan, ome buy this car!
This car is also being sold on craigslist locally. I reserve the right to pull the listing if sold locally.